How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should A Gay Man Own?

Don’t we just love discussing all things underwear! But it’s not often that people talk about the number itself. Some have hundreds, others just one for each day of the week. Some don’t even know how much they own. So, how many are enough? And how many are too many?

How to take the best butt selfie?

Not all selfies are created equal. There’s the selfie selfie, the mirror selfie, the sexy selfie, and, my personal fave, the selfie (aka the butt selfie).

Sneak peek: Exclusive PUMP underwear’s here

Now that the old year is well behind us and the first resolutions have been broken, it’s the perfect time to celebrate yourself and fill the “blank page before you” with new beginnings. For your inspiration, we’re starting this next chapter with a brand new exclusive to Next Gay Thing collection of PUMP! underwear.

The Hottest Gay Trends In 2023

At the beginning of a new year, people typically start aspiring to be better versions of themselves. Or at least appear to the world in a somewhat improved way. One option to do so is by trying to predict the newest trends – what’s hot and what’s not. We have compiled a list of things that we believe every gay man should know in the coming year. Don’t worry – there won’t be 2023 of them.

5 Ways To Stay Fab In Winter

“Brace Yourselves. Winter is coming”… Well, actually it’s already started. And here we go again with the recurring pattern – the colder and darker it gets, the lazier we become. We start skipping workouts, choose to stay indoors and thus, spend less time taking care of ourselves. When wearing the same comfy clothes every day and canceling plans more often, it is only natural we might struggle to feel fab enough. Here are some of our suggestions to keep on slaying during the coldest months.

From boxers to jockstraps, we are supported better than ever

Could it be that the first thing you do each morning sets you up for a bad day ahead? A piece of clothing you wear the longest and that sits closest to the body, isn’t always closest to your heart when it comes time to buy? Lacklustre support, poor fabric that doesn’t breathe or wick moisture from the body – if this sounds all too familiar it’s time to face a fact, you need better underwear!

TEAMM8 is here

All the way from sunny Australia, TEAMM8 is one of the world’s hottest men’s underwear brands. right now and with good reason too. Their perfect combination of sporty & sexy has been a huge hit across the globe, with TEAMM8’s fan base spanning globally. TEAMM8 has released some impressive collections featuring impressive styles.