Yes, we ship them in discreet packaging!

You can expect to receive only products a gay man would pick for another gay man. Depending on the Gay Pack you chose, our team will send you one pair of hot premium underwear, beauty products or both of them according to your taste.

You can take a look at our sizing chart when you sign up for your taste profile and also here: XS 26-28” | S 28-30” | M 30-33” | L 33-35” | XL 35-37” | XXL 36-38”. If you do choose it according to our sizing guide, it’ll be sure to fit you. As a tip – if you’re between sizes, then rather choose the larger size to make sure it’s more comfortable.

You can do that by clicking ‘Get started’ in the menu. Do note in several questions; you can mark several options.

Boxes always contain several samples from different categories or (depending on the gay pack you chose) a pair of underwear. There is no option to opt-out of a given type. It’s about excitement and surprise, after all!

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your box won’t contain any specific products or ingredients. If you have known allergies to specific products/components, we highly suggest that you first check the product’s ingredients before testing your sample.

With every purchase, you get Fab Points which you can use for discounts in our Shop! You can pay up to 100% of your order with Fab Points.


As a rule of thumb, we ship Gay Packs from our warehouse every business day. Usually, it takes 4-5 days to arrive in Europe, 6-7 working days to the US/Canada and 10-14 days to the rest of the world. These times can be longer around the holidays as well as currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We ship everywhere in the world. We send the packs out usually by regular mail.

You can make changes to your billing and shipping addresses in your account page.

Depending on the gay pack you chose, it can measure up to 30 x 20 x 6 cm.

If you have not received your Gay Pack, please let us know. If we receive your Gay Pack back, we will let you know on 2 occasions by email – 14 days and 30 days after receiving it back. If we receive it back because you did not pick it up or other similar conditions, you can purchase new transport and we’ll ship it out to you. If you’d like a refund instead, we subtract shipping and handling fees (total of $14/£8/€10) as well as VAT (if applicable).

If you do not see an update on the tracking link, we’d suggest you contact your governmental post company directly and ask if they have anything in your name and the tracking number. Please note that the local tracking number can vary from the one you have on your subscription in some cases. Usually, you can see the local tracking number on the tracking page, specified with the “Delivery Partner” field.


You can have several different Gay Pack subscriptions active, sure!

If you paid with Paypal, then the only way to change your pack (or pairs of underwear, frequency) is to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to the version you want. 

In all other cases, you can easily do it by going to your subscription and clicking or tapping on ‘Change pack or pairs of underwear’, choosing the one you want and then go through checkout. You will then be charged on the regular renewal date.

If you paid with Paypal then the only way to change the pairs of underwear or frequency is to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to the version you want. 

In all other cases you can easily do it by going to your subscription and clicking or tapping on ‘Change pack or pairs of underwear’, choose the pack with the options you like and then go through checkout. You will then be charged on the regular renewal date.

You can contact our Support team at [email protected], and we will add you to our mailing list.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without any fees. You can do that on your profile page under subscriptions.

Do remember that if you cancel the subscription after you’ve been billed, then your order is compensated for the pack after that. If you want to cancel the subscription for the current page, then you need to do this before we ship it by contacting us.

For subscription products, seven days is given to ask for a refund following EU directives. For non-subscription based products, a 14-day refund policy applies. All products can be returned if they are in their original condition – the shipping package cannot have been opened. Once the box has been opened, we cannot accept returns due to the nature of the products.


We think you’ll love the underwear but in the rare case you don’t, you can send them back and choose a pair you like from our shop to be added to your next pack. Just submit your request and we’ll take it from there!

As we send samples to try out grooming products cannot be returned unless they are defective. Contact us if that is the case (and please accept our deepest apologises!)

Underwear items you wish to return should be unworn/unwashed (tried on okay!) with all labels attached to be qualified. We do ask you to answer a few questions beforehand to be able to improve your selection in the future.

The return application will be subject to approval by the team. You will receive a coupon code which you can use in our shop to buy a free pair of underwear to be added to your next pack. If you didn’t like the type of underwear (boxers, briefs or jockstraps and so on) but it was listed on your profile during the time of order processing the request might be denied.


You can pay with your credit card or via PayPal by using your PayPal account. We’re both PCI Compliant as well as certified secure website.

You can get a refund according to EU directives if you return the products in their original condition. However, if you’d like a refund after we’ve received back the Gay Pack, we subtract shipping and handling fees (total of $14/£8/€10) as well as VAT (if applicable) and return the rest.

When you place your order for the monthly membership, you will be billed for your first Next Gay Pack immediately. You will be billed every month on the same date you ordered it.

No, you only pay for the box and for the products in our shop and also for shipping.

If your payment failed, you need to evaluate why it happened from your side, and you do not see any issues there – please contact the Support team by [email protected]


You can send him a welcome box. It is the very first pack he will receive. It is filled with products that work for everyone. It also includes a Gift Card for the remaining months of his subscription.

It is pretty simple. You pick out the Gay Gift Pack you’d like to send that special guy. We’ll add a gift card with a code for the remaining months of the subscription. After he’s received his first pack, he can go and register himself a taste profile at Next Gay Thing and redeem his coupon. If he doesn’t do that, he’ll continue receiving products as you had specified.

Depending on where you are located, it can take up to two weeks for him to receive the very first pack. If you are in a hurry, we can also send you a gift card via email. In such a case, please contact us and we’ll help you!

As we cannot control the shipping companies, we recommend in such cases ordering the first pack to your own address. Do remember to tell him to change the shipping address after his birthday.


You can also ask more questions from us at our Contact Us page!