Top 7: Why wear designer underwear?

Have you ever wondered why you should wear designer underwear, instead of the regular "supermarket" ones? We've done the research and can give you a few reasons.

1. They offer comfort

Your underwear should provide comfort. This might sound like a truism, but we know that many guys don’t even know what comfort is until they buy a better pair of underwear.

Many men wear underpants that are simply OK, but that don’t bring anything else to the table. Your underwear should make you feel comfortable, confident and well-supported. They should not press on your privates or be too tight around your waist or legs and should have a shape that is made for the male anatomy, not for a plastic mannequin.

One of the last things you need when it comes to clothes is to have underwear that does not allow you to breathe. Bad underwear can mean a lot of things: it can be too tight, made from bad fabrics or it can have the wrong cut. Not allowing one part of the body to breathe and suffocating with bad clothes will only result in it reducing its function and it can even cause health issues. Your underwear needs to frame you and not to press you in any direction.

2. Their design is superior

What truly sets designer underwear apart from its ordinary counterparts is the level of detail and design that go into them. Designer underwear is meant to combine comfort and durability while at the same time looking unique yet aesthetically pleasing.

People buy this sort of clothing since, despite the fact it won’t be seen, the design looks good and for them this is the most important characteristic when it comes to the items that they choose to wear.

3. They keep you looking better

Designer underwear tends to make your body look more attractive compared to lower-quality undies. Well-made pieces help enhance your features and present your body at its best.

High-quality underwear tends to fit more snugly against the body, sitting neatly under clothing to avoid bunching and helping to create a sleek image.

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4. They add to your style

Regardless of how many people see your underwear – you should have style below your belt and under your pants as well. Even if you are the only one who sees yourself in your underwear in the morning, you should feel great about yourself. Looking great will result in feeling great, which will give you the confidence to be the man you want to be. If you want to make the best of your pack from an aesthetic point of view, a pair of AussieBum, PUMP! or Addicted underwear might be just the right thing for you!

5. They’ve got better fabric

Brands such as aussieBum, Addicted and Stud Me Up use better fabrics that make you feel more comfortable and make the underwear more durable. As you might’ve seen, a lot of brands use high cotton, especially modal cotton. Cotton is natural and extremely soft for the skin and is the most popular fiber for fabric for underwear. The fabrics chosen are usually breathable and look a lot better than your average supermarket-underwear.

6. They last longer

This reason might sound invalid to some, at it is recommended to buy new underwear as frequently as possible, but let’s be honest, how many men actually buy new underwear and throw the old ones out each time they get a haircut? In reality, most men don’t buy new underpants frequently, which is why the underpants you have need to be of great quality. Poor-quality underpants will lose their strength, and therefore their structure and all the advantages this brings. Bad underpants will tear when you least expect it and it will lose their style after a few washes.

(PS! That could be a good idea to remind you that Next Gay Thing’s Gay Packs send you great underwear every month! Check them out!)

Aside from comfort, designer underwear tends to last a lot longer than most types of underwear out there. Due to the quality of the materials that go into their creation, this makes them far more durable which allows them to undergo a lot more wear and tear. This allows them to last for years before they have to be replaced as compared to cheap pairs of underwear that only last a few months before the material starts to break apart either while you’re wearing it or while it is being washed.

For example, one common reason why people have to get rid of their old underwear is due to the wear and tear that occurs in the waistband. The elastic in this part of the underwear is vulnerable to deterioration over time since the material tends to get weaker after being washed and stretched multiple times. Designer underwear is not subject to the same problem since the waistband is replaced with sturdy cloth cords that can last for years.

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7. They’re cheaper!

A great pair of underwear might cost more than a pack of three poor-quality underpants, but it is an investment that is really worth it. A quality pair of underpants will bring you all the benefits listed above, which is why you should invest in a series of high-quality underpants.

They might cost more, but they will last longer and will enhance your style and attitude, which will make them be worth more than a pair of bad underwear. When you are buying clothes, you should always consider the cost/wear ratio, which refers to what it actually costs to wear a garment each time.

For example, if you are buying a pair of underwear that costs $5, but you only get to wear it three times before it tears, the cost/wear ratio is $1.6 (5/3). At the same time, if you buy a $25 pair, but wear it at least 120 times, the cost/wear is $0.2 (25/120), which makes the more expensive, but more qualitative pair be worth more than a cheaper one.


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