Gay Life

When You’re No One With Your Boyfriend

I used be at the height of my happiness when I found him. He had everything – he was funny, good-looking, a great job, well-educated and had the energy of an energetic bunny in spring. But there was just one thing. He was in the closet.

24 hours in Madrid

The Spanish capital has the biggest gay population of any city in Europe. It’s a very gay-friendly place, with tons of gay bars, clubs and parties – as well as lots of art, history and culture. Get ready for your 24 hours in Madrid.

Our guide: Suicide in the gay community

Suicide is something that is hardly ever discussed in the LGBT community. If it is then it’s something people talk about in lowered voices, almost like it’s a secret. But the truth is, it hurts the community even more than others. What can we do?

24 hours in… London

If you’re travelling around Europe this summer, we’ve got some awesome mini travel guides for you. Here’s the first of our “24 hours in” series, which covers the best things to see and do if you’ve got some time to spare in the capital of the United Kingdom.