2023 – The Year Of Self Love

After a rocky start of decade, we at Next Gay Thing have declared 2023 The Year of Self Love. Since we’re still at the start of it, you have the entire year ahead to learn to be the best version of yourself, and put it into practice. Here are a few guidelines on how to achieve it.

How to groom your eyebrows?

Pop quiz hot shot. Could your brows be used to shine your shoes? Are your brows giving your beard a run for its money? Could they pick up satellite TV? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time for serious man maintenance.

Wearing Socks During Sex – Yes or No?

Wearing socks while making love. Some can’t imagine it any other way. Some say it’s disgusting. Some send teasing photos of their feet in socks. Others won’t let you near their bed without taking them off first. So, what’s the truth? Should you wear socks during sex or not? Here’s our list of reasons why wearing socks in bed could be exciting and should not be frowned upon.

The Hottest Gay Trends In 2023

At the beginning of a new year, people typically start aspiring to be better versions of themselves. Or at least appear to the world in a somewhat improved way. One option to do so is by trying to predict the newest trends – what’s hot and what’s not. We have compiled a list of things that we believe every gay man should know in the coming year. Don’t worry – there won’t be 2023 of them.

5 Ways To Stay Fab In Winter

“Brace Yourselves. Winter is coming”… Well, actually it’s already started. And here we go again with the recurring pattern – the colder and darker it gets, the lazier we become. We start skipping workouts, choose to stay indoors and thus, spend less time taking care of ourselves. When wearing the same comfy clothes every day and canceling plans more often, it is only natural we might struggle to feel fab enough. Here are some of our suggestions to keep on slaying during the coldest months.

How To Relax After Christmas (For Real)

We know it too well. While December is the month of cheer and festivities, it is simultaneously a breeding ground for extensive stress that peaks on Christmas Day. Once the good wishes and gifts have been exchanged and the hangover kicks in, we often fail to relax and slow down. Here’s some tips on how to let go and get some proper rest.

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life: 5 Tips & Techniques

It’s very common for a couple’s sex life to hit a low point or a bit of a rut. Many people in long-term relationships can fall into particular patterns or routines — how sex is instigated, what positions you use, what time of day you do it. But it’s important to remember that, when it comes to sexual desire, your interests and activity can fluctuate depending on what’s going on in your life and how you’re feeling.

How to improve your life.. in a few weeks?

“How do I change my life?”. If you’re asking this question, remember that the one constant thing in our life is change. The more we resist it, the tougher our life becomes. Instead of avoiding it, ask how you can change your life to work with the changes happening around you.