The Hottest Gay Trends In 2023

At the beginning of a new year, people typically start aspiring to be better versions of themselves. Or at least appear to the world in a somewhat improved way. One option to do so is by trying to predict the newest trends - what’s hot and what’s not. We have compiled a list of things that we believe every gay man should know in the coming year. Don’t worry - there won’t be 2023 of them.

The 00s Are Back

As we know, fashion trends have a habit of repeating every 20 years or so. When the early 2010s Tumblr era was heavily influenced by the 90s aesthetic, the current one is clearly drawing inspiration from the early noughties. Bootcut jeans, tracksuits, cargo shorts – you name it! So, wear your low-rise Dirrty pants like Christina or be a sk8er boi with baggy jeans, and you will fit right in. And if you’re feeling like “a cool mom”, there is no better year to do your best Amy Poehler cosplay.

Mean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Authenticity is Key

With apps like BeReal becoming increasingly popular, authenticity has become crucial in the way one presents themselves on social media. TikTok has already introduced their version of the same function, and soon Instagram will launch theirs. The concept of sharing a real moment of your day in a photo might be limited to an application, but the quest for an element of authenticity will certainly become important in every aspect of society.

We believe there is nothing more fabulous than being confident and proud of who you are, no matter what and when and where. And humbly, who would know more about staying true to oneself than us?

Designer Is In

As the awareness around environmentalism and ethical labor spreads, fast fashion is frowned upon more than ever before. Not only have vintage stores become the new “it” shops, people are also encouraged to buy more designer. 

Well, the one thing you cannot buy from thrift shops is good-quality underwear. That leaves you with two options: either to shop cheap fast fashion with extremely low quality, or you can invest a little more and wear underwear that your body and soul will thank you for. Well, we’ve got you covered: all four of our Gay Packs include designer underwear. Unsure about what you’re gonna get? Check out our shop to see what we’re offering – from boxers and trunks to briefs and jocks.

The Year Of Self Love

The past three years have been filled with a lot of stress. We’ve seen a severe pandemic, geopolitical unrest and skyrocketing prices, just to name a few. This is why we believe that in 2023, self love and improvement will be brought back to the front. This will be the year of picking up new hobbies, finding more ‘me time’, and treating yourself with experiences and emotions. This is also what Next Gay Thing is all about – we want you to take pride in your identity and treat yourself like a royal. Because you are one.

Face It

Now that the pandemic has calmed down a notch and people have started to ditch the masks, a growing number of people are stressing the importance of a healthy-looking face. This is why we believe skincare will be among the main trends of 2023.

We’ve got some good news for you – you can be ahead of the curve by ordering our weekly offer. The Glow & Shine In 2023 Kit includes 3 surprise skincare products that make sure your face will keep its spark throughout the year. As always, 1 pair of underwear will be included as well.

Good news is, there’s a 33% discount for the members. So, what is $197 for everyone else, is just $132 for you as a member!

So what to make of all this? In 2023, you should be authentic, take care of yourself and your skin, and dress inspired by your favorite nostalgic teen movies? Above all, we want you to own your year by loving, wearing and presenting in the way you find most comfortable. Cheers to the new year full of fabulous moments!


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