What Season Is The Gayest Of Them All?

Are you feeling the winter blues and longing for the warmth of spring? Don’t worry, honey, we’ve got you covered! As gay men, we know how to turn up the heat no matter what the season. Here’s why and how.

4 Reasons Jockstraps Elevate Your Gym Game

Attention, all gym bunnies! Are you ready to turn up the heat during your workouts? Look no further than the jockstrap. Here’s a few reasons to spice up your workout routine by getting all bootylicious and bulge-tastic. Let’s dive in!

Why Jockstraps Are A Must-Have For Your Kink Play

Jockstraps have long been a popular choice in the athletics and the gay community. But did you know they also have a significant presence among the BDSM and kink lovers? Keep reading to find out why they’re becoming a must-have accessory for those looking to take their play to the next level.

5 Reasons Jockstraps Are A Gaymer’s Best Friend

When it comes to gaming, it’s important to stay comfortable and focused for those extended sessions. But why settle for basic underwear when you can spice things up with a jockstrap? These sexy and supportive garments are a must-have for any gaymer. So, let’s dive in!

Gay Guys Gone Green: Are We Outdoing Straight Men In Sustainability?

Us gay guys are known for our fabulousness, but did you know we’re also eco-warriors at heart? The rumor is that green is the new pink in our community, but let’s put it to the test. Are we really leading the charge in saving the planet, or are we just living in a fabulous bubble?

What Is The Best First Date For Gay Couples?

Deciding what to do on your first date can be a real headache. Not only do people have different preferences and expectations, it might also be challenging to find the right balance between fun and romantic. Here’s some of our best date suggestions.

3 Body Parts Gay Men Should Take Care Of

Our bodies as a whole are something to nurture and take care of. Still, on a daily basis, some parts should be prioritized before others. As per the saying – three’s a charm, we have chosen 3 parts of your body we believe every gay man should invest in… Well, besides the obvious!

Is Gaydar Real & How Does It Work?

You walk past someone in the street and even though it only takes a couple of seconds, you can tell that the person was gay just like you. No, he didn’t wave a rainbow flag. His nails weren’t painted, clothes ordinary, face not covered in make-up. He didn’t walk in any particular way. You didn’t hear him speak. But you knew he was gay. Instantly. So why is that a thing? And how exactly does it work?

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