Sneak peek: Exclusive PUMP underwear’s here

Now that the old year is well behind us and the first resolutions have been broken, it’s the perfect time to celebrate yourself and fill the “blank page before you” with new beginnings. For your inspiration, we’re starting this next chapter with a brand new exclusive to Next Gay Thing collection of PUMP! underwear.

New Colour Combinations

Yes, this exclusive Next Gay Thing x PUMP! underwear collection is coming in 12 new styles and new fabulous looking colour combinations – jocks, briefs & boxers. These have been designed in cooperation with the two underwear specialists who know what is hot and what is not and then will never be produced again, making them truly limited editions.

Keep scrolling to get a little sneak peek from each!

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Just like magic, this delightful combination of pink and black helps you channel your softer and stronger energies in one. Their fit is simply fab as you see how it hugs one’s bottom:

Hot summer evenings, ocean waves, a gentle breeze – this mix of blue and orange is perfect for the sunny days but can also help you keep these bright vibes going during the coldest of winter days. It really emphasises the best parts of you, startin from the front, being playful and fun to see and wear.

For a slight break, do you remember that feeling when you can try your new undies for the first time? So it’s only fair if you wanna capture the excitement and share it with others. Check our tips on how to take better underwear photos. And while you’re at it, why not some butt selfies! Ok, breaks over, more underwear to come!

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If you feel like keeping it rather simple and classy instead, the new collection also includes colours a little more neutral, just waiting to be worn. In both baby and navy blue! These boxers and jockstraps work so well at the gym or when you feel like a bit more or less coverage is in order. And look at that…khmm.. skyline 😉

We truly believe 2023 is the year of self love. And what better way to celebrate than by gifting yourself a pair or twelve of these amazing undies. Check the entire limited collection with all colour combinations here! You are fab and deserve some limited edition underwear, being our Member.


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