How to take the best butt selfie?

Not all selfies are created equal. There’s the selfie selfie, the mirror selfie, the sexy selfie, and, my personal fave, the selfie (aka the butt selfie).

The booty selfie is pretty unique in that it’s not as easily achievable as, say, standing in front of the mirror or putting your phone in front of your face. It requires a certain level of expertise in order to capture your butt’s perfect plumpness.

Next Gay Thing did the hard research and found out how to take the best butt selfie. Below are the tips and tricks for executing the perfect selfie. You’re welcome.

1. Get inspired

Check the below pics from body positive people who will make you feel good about your body. Notice what they do with their leg, how they position their hips, etc. and tailor your poses to theirs. Here are some basic examples:

2. Reap the benefits of your phone

The good thing about your iPhone or Android is that it has tons of versatility for making sure you look as great as possible. Not only does using your own personal photo make things look more casual and less staged, but it’s handheld—which means it’s super easy and quick to send off to whomever you want to impress.

3. Undies are your friend

A great pair of underwear can lifts, creates the illusion of a more round bum and just looks hot. If you’re a little anxious about sending a snap of your totally naked butt, a pair of jocks can minimise the fear. Here you can find a couple of great jocks that will fit you perfectly!

4. Consider your apparel

Whatever you want to wear and whatever makes you feel sexiest is what you should show off in your selfie picture. If you want to go for a sexier look, try out some underwear options that will make your partner go all kinds of crazy when receiving your pic.

5. Know the poses

For the classic selfie pose, “Position your hips away from the mirror, then twist your upper body toward it to keep your booty front and center. It’s a bit uncomfortable but you will love the result!

6. Wait for the endorsement deals

…or at least a response that’s like, “Umm, your ass looks amazing” followed by a billion drool emojis.

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