2023 – The Year Of Self Love

After a rocky start of decade, we at Next Gay Thing have declared 2023 The Year of Self Love. Since we're still at the start of it, you have the entire year ahead to learn to be the best version of yourself, and put it into practice. Here are a few guidelines on how to achieve it.

Create Your Own World

Easier said than done, we know. But it’s still worth trying. When the world is trying to get you down, just ignore “the world” and create your own. Growing up, most of us needed to fit into a narrow mold, now it’s time to create the world in your image. Wear whatever makes you feel special. Listen to your silliest guilty pleasures without shame. Dance like nobody’s watching. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire each other. Sometimes, living in a bubble can be a good thing. So make sure that bubble is just as sparkly and crazy as you are! 

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Learn To Compliment Yourself..

..and your body. It might sound lunatic, but there is actual proof that smiling to yourself in the mirror tricks your brain into releasing dopamine. Might be worth throwing in an encouraging comment or affirmation as well!  When you achieve something, no matter how small, compliment yourself vocally. After all, how are you supposed to love people around you, if you can’t even love yourself in the first place? So take the baby steps and make friends with yourself, the rest will follow by itself.

Only Keep The Best From Last Year

Only the greatest stuff. The highlights. The peaks. Take the ups and reject the downs. And you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Think of your coolest memories. Your best investments. The relationships that inspired and helped you flourish. Keep all of them and reject anything that wasn’t top notch. Leave behind environments that made you feel less-than. Or even average. Because you deserve to feel like you’re worthy of the highest of heights. No more “just fine” or “alright”. You deserve nothing less than “amazing”.

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Prioritize Your Health

Both the physical and mental. Well, the cliché-sounding saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” comes from writings as early as the second century! So, take the reins and express gratitude to your body and soul. Adjust your diet to a healthier one, eat more organic foods, find time for physical activities and allow yourself to rest enough. And sometimes more than enough, when necessary. For peace of mind, it can help to get checked to make sure what and how much your body needs. While you’re at it, don’t forget your sexual health. If you’re living a sexually active life, safety and responsibility are a lot more attractive than carelessness, and make the whole experience way more enjoyable for both parties. Awareness and confidence are sexy!

Be Vocal About Your Wants & Needs

Literally. Don’t shy away from expressing your desires loud and proud. Especially in an environment that directly influences your daily life: be it your workplace, social circles or close relationships. If something takes a big portion of your days and requires a considerable amount of your energy, you should be the only one leading your story. Just keep in mind, none of this calls for selfishness. Nothing justifies being a b*tch. Yeah, not even being a scorpio.

Give Back

Although charity might sound like the literal opposite of self love at first, the two are actually thoroughly intertwined. Once you learn to truly love yourself, you’ll also want to share it with others. Plus, for a lot of people, doing good to others in itself can make them feel better about themselves. And it makes perfect sense. So, we encourage everyone to support at least one charity this year. Whether your chosen cause is environmental, humanitarian or cultural, find whatever you think would make sense for you to endorse. If you’re unsure and need a hint, we can suggest the LGBTIQ Ukraine Emergency Fund, launched by Outright International, to support the people in our community affected by the Russian war on Ukraine.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start with some serious self loving (whatever your interpretation) and face the year as the best version of yourself! 


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