8 tips for better underwear photos for Instagram/Grindr/Tinder and beyond

Wondering how to get more right-swipes on dating apps and likes on Instagram? Well, great photos are for sure to give you a boost in this. But how do you go about it? Or even get featured in our social media? Here are a few tips!

1. Don’t go naked

If it’s not artistic, it’s not the way to go in our opinion. As all research shows, it’s better to leave things to the imagination. You can still be erotic and sexy if you wish, but choose to show only the preview.

The best idea is to pick a pair of underwear with a great waistband that would look great even if your pants are hanging low to accentuate your abs and showcase a preview of your bulge.

2. If you do underwear photos…

Pick a good underwear and please choose to wear a new one. Wearing your old underwear with waistband that looks tired and retiring will give an impression that you have a terrible body hygiene. Maybe you do, but that is not something that you want your followers to find out!

If you’re especially bold and also have a nice bum, you can also try out jockstraps which are very popular pics on our Instagram.

And oh if you don’t have great undies then hey, you can always get a Gay Pack and get a monthly delivery of up to 3 pairs!

3. Choose colours

Now we do have one more suggestion for the underwear you pose with – get colourful ones! They always get much more attention and brighten up any photo. You can even go as far as getting ones with a pattern, just make sure they give out the message you want – you don’t want them to leave an impression you’re an 8-year-old, do you now?

4. Don’t hold anything cute (except if it’s your boyfriend)

Holding a puppy or a kitten might be cute on many photos but not so much on photos where you’re in your underwear. It’s almost like finding your pet in the room when you’re getting close to or are in the middle of some personal action. So… don’t.

5. Daring not boring

We urge you to try out new things on photos, not keep to the pose you always use. Get creative! Try different settings and poses. Try different compositions with props – for example with our Gay Pack.

6. Get the technical side right

Don’t forget the basics of good photos – good lenses and good lighting. Plus a few more which you can check out in our guide of how to take a rocking photo for social media.

7. If you got a nice bum

If you have the kind of bootylicious ass that is so big and perky that it deserves its own zip code, then you can skip this section. For the rest of us, never shoot your bum straight on. Instead, you should place your trunk at a 45-degree angle to the camera.

Next, shift your weight to the hip furthest from the camera and bend the knee on the opposite leg. This will tighten any looseness back there and give you a rounder looking butt.

Then you should arch your back slightly. Slightly. If you overdo it, you may end up looking like a naked duck or an overzealous stripper in Montreal. You’ll know when it looks ridiculous. In most things online, but particularly bottom shots, subtlety is everything.

8. Check the background

When taking photos of yourself, make sure you are conscious of what is going on behind you. The focus of the photo should be on the main attraction: you.

Keep it simple. Keep it classy. Better yet, take a pic outdoors, in the sun, on a beautiful day. Let people imagine you out in real world. Now that’s sexy.

Get featured

And if you want to get featured in our Instagram, just check the tips, take a great quality photo with our pack, tag it with #NextGayThing, #GayPack & #EveryoneIsHot. Then we’ll find your pictures on the social media. And the best ones we’ll post on our channels because we believe #EveryoneIsHot!


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