Our guide: How to take a rocking photo for social media

Do you want us to post your picture on our social media and get more followers? Then all you need to do is send us a fab photo with our pack! But waaaaaait. One more thing is even more important - the photos have to be of high quality.

Often we get asked about this – why do we post photos mainly of guys in peak shape? Well, the main reason is it’s not so much about them but the quality of their photos. We’d love to post photos of people in various shapes, age groups, races and so on. So we’ve gathered a few tips on how you can take great photos for social media as we believe #EveryoneIsHot!

There are just a few simple rules:

1. Keep the lens clean

This might seem obvious, but it’s something that often goes unnoticed. Phones tend to spend a lot of time in pockets and hands, gathering dust and fingerprints that can cover the lens. A dirty lens will often result in pictures that seem cloudy, as the oils and dirt can diffuse and diffract light entering the lens. If you happen to carry around a microfiber cloth, use it. If you don’t, a simple wipe with a clean, dirt-free area of shirt should get the job done in a pinch, but beware that clothing fibers could scratch the lens.

2. Pay attention to lighting

Use natural light. Lighting is the foundation of a good photo. Understanding how to use light is the first and most important rule of getting great photos using only your phone. Dont forget to avoid using your flash in favor of natural light, which creates photos that are richer and brighter.

3. Avoid using flash

While flash is ostensibly good for taking photos in low-light environments, in general, it tends to make smartphone photos worse than if you were to go without it. When taking pictures, the flash can produce unwanted artifacts, such as glowing eyes or overly-lit skin — even on the best smartphone. Of course, there are situations where flash is necessary or even useful, but for the most part, try to use natural light.

4. Never use digital zoom

Another thing that should be avoided at all cost is the digital zoom function on your camera. This is because the zoom function on most phones doesn’t work in the same way a normal camera would. When you use a camera with optical zoom, the lens adjusts its inner optical elements, enabling it to increase or decrease its focal length. The digital zoom on a smartphone doesn’t do this. Instead, it merely zooms into the photo by effectively cropping in, making subjects appear closer, but with a loss in fidelity. Admittedly the digital zoom in the latest phones, such as the iPhone XS, have improved, but we would still avoid it.

5. Camera modes, HDR, and raw

When using the default camera app, you might notice there are various “modes” to choose from, as well as an automatic option. It’s likely that most people simply leave the app on auto. This lets the camera adjust settings based on on a variety of factors within the environment, from exposure to color temperature.

6. Add depth

It’s easy to focus solely on the subject of your photo. But photos that include layers, with patterns or objects in the background as well as the foreground, are naturally interesting because they offer more depth.

7. Don’t forget to get creative

Try something new, unusual angle. For taking this picture you have to work hard. Or they are easy way just ask help from your BF 🙂

Some great examples

Take a look of some photos we’ve picked to inspire you below!

If you have the opportunity to take a photo with bright or dark background, that always catches the eye. Believe us you’ll get more likes!


Or the easiest option. Sit down on the window during a sunny day. Every photo will be awesome!

Do not forget to use #NextGayThing, #GayPack & #EveryoneIsHot. Then we’ll find your pictures on the social media. And the best ones we’ll post on our channels!


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