Why every man should using olive oil on his face and body right now

Olive oil is not just for salads and dipping your bread in, it can make you feel and look great, inside and out. It’s one of nature’s most versatile and powerful potions, and you’ve probably got some in your home already!

Using olive oil for general health

It’s rather nutritious, with beneficial fatty acids and good amounts of Vitamin E and K… but what really makes it stand out, is that it’s packed full of antioxidants that have a whole range of health benefits, from helping to reduce stroke rates, protect against heart disease. One study has even shown that olive oil may help to fight Alzheimer’s Disease. So, use generously.

But! Make sure you’ve got the right type. You’ll be wanting Extra Virgin olive oil if you want all the antioxidants along with it.

Using olive oil for your skin

If you have dry or combination skin (not for oily skin types, sorry folks), using olive oil, either raw or in products could be just what you need.

For an instant hand treatment, rub some into the back of your hands and palms – no need for any drama or ceremony – you can do this while you’re cooking. It softens skin immediately.

If you’ve got dry skin in general, or if your skin is dehydrated after a big weekend partying or at the beach, treat yourself to a ‘full body mask’ of olive oil. This can be a bit messy, so do it standing on a towel, then give yourself a few minutes to absorb the goodness. Put on some old comfy clothes to stop the mess from spreading. You’ll feel transformed in a few hours!

If you’ve got itchy skin, rub some on. olive oil is surprisingly soothing and can stop itching fast.

Using olive oil for your hair

If you’ve got a problem with dandruff – an issue that’s caused by dry skin on the scalp – olive oil mixed with lemon juice is a great combo. The acid from the lemons will loosen the dandruff leaving the olive oil to moisturise the new layer of skin underneath.

If your hair is dry, maybe from using products, colouring or drying it too furiously at the gym after your workout, you can guess what is going to help… A natural and deep conditioner, apply from root to tip and leave for a few hours, then rinse. Your hair is going to feel so much softer.

Olive oil products

Olive oil is used in lots of beauty and grooming products. By now you’ll understand why! Our favorite olive oil product right now is the Olivos soap from Korkut. This soap bar also prevents hair loss if you’re using it as a shampoo.

The soap also contains the herb ‘Bittim’ (hackberry, pistacia terebinthus). It’s been used throughout history as an effective and efficient anti hair loss aid.

You might be lucky enough to get one of the Olivos soaps in your pack over the next few months!


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