What Is The Best First Date For Gay Couples?

Deciding what to do on your first date can be a real headache. Not only do people have different preferences and expectations, it might also be challenging to find the right balance between fun and romantic. Here’s some of our best date suggestions.

1-2-3 Drink!

While many of us might prefer fancy dinners or activities, going to a bar for drinks might actually be a good balanced idea for a first date. Why? Because you can have a discussion while looking each other in the eye, so it feels a lot more intimate.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck between your teeth, speaking with your mouth full, or accidentally staining your clothes. As long as you keep it classy, a glass or two (or three) of your favourite beverage will loosen your inhibitions and lips (for talking, we mean).

Plus, drinking can also be a good way to get to know your potential partner. What kind of drinks do they prefer? Do they get drunk easily? How different is the sober him from a tipsy him? These things might seem trivial at first but might be good to know in the long run.

And after you’ve had a few drinks, you can decide what to do next. Maybe a little walk to another place after?

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

The obvious one. Whether it’s a park, beach, or a river bank. Of course, it always depends on the weather conditions. But when it’s at least bearable, a date like this can be the cutest thing ever. 

Grab a hot drink and go for a walk. It makes the entire situation more chill and also naturally gives you things to talk about. Especially if you’re afraid of awkward silence, which is often the case with first dates. You can also take pauses and sit somewhere for a moment to switch it up.

Dinner Date

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a date. I mean, fancy outfits, a nice atmosphere – it all just adds to it. And as per the saying – food is the way to a man’s heart.

Another big plus of a dinner date is that it exposes the other person’s manners. Did they dress up well enough for the occasion? Do they approach the entire situation politely? Most importantly, how do they treat the waiter? Some people can be rude and honestly – on a first date, that is a major red flag.

Coffee Shop

Picture this.. Hot drinks. Cozy setting. Nice background music. It’s all just very pleasant, isn’t it? And intimate.

Probably the best place to just be in each other’s presence. And listen. And talk. Coffee shops are not loud like bars, nor too fancy like restaurants. So, the naturally romantic setting makes everything just perfect for a first little date. 


The one I wouldn’t really recommend for the very first date. At least without anything happening before or after. It can be cute but simply won’t give you a single piece of knowledge about the other person. Whether they like salted or sweet popcorn or if they go for Regular or Diet Coke isn’t really enough… Right?

That said, if you go someplace after, the film you’ve just seen can be a good thing to discuss and might open up a lot about the way your potential partner perceives the world around him. So, go to the cinema but never just the cinema.

Cultural Event

Whether it’s a museum. Or a concert. Or a theater play. It’s a way to peek into the other person’s soul. Especially if you enjoy cultural stuff yourself.

Maybe it’s an exhibition and you can talk about the pieces of art presented… And later, art in general? Or perhaps it’s a nice and cozy jazz concert that automatically makes it a little more romantic than a regular date? In any case, definitely a recommendation.


If you’re both into hiking, find a trail to explore together. Or maybe you like climbing? Or you wanna go somewhere totally silly like a trampoline park? In a way, these options can be very intimate!

Like with the walk in a park we mentioned before, the activity itself and the context just make everything smoother. Plus, you can combine your daily dose of exercise with getting to know your date. And your potential partner already sees a little sweatier version of you, which is bound to happen sooner or later anyway.

Netflix & Chill

Well… For many, cuddles and snuggles (and more) really just is the perfect way to test out the vibe and love language of another person. It may or may not include sex. Maybe you will enjoy the film. Maybe you’ll have a lot to talk about. Maybe you just end up kissing. And maybe it leads to making love.

Whatever happens, it’s a perfectly reasonable first date to have. Just make sure you know enough about the person you’re gonna see. After all, you don’t wanna get into a dangerous situation with a catfish. But if you do want to take spontaneous risk, maybe send your best friend the address, just in case. Doesn’t hurt to be cautious!

The truth is, if the person is right for you, then you will enjoy each other’s company, whatever the context. Just don’t do anything you don’t actually want to. Putting on a mask for a stranger really isn’t necessary and won’t be fruitful in the long run.


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