What different colours say about you, your underpants and your man

Last week we looked at what black, white or grey underwear might be saying about your personality – or the guy who’s undies you’re trying to get into…

This week we’re going technicolor and looking at what red, orange, yellow, pink, green and blue undies could be saying about you and your men. Bright colours are one of this summer’s big underwear trends after all!


This is a bold colour associated with power, action and passion. It’s the colour of love, courage, passion and… danger… Wear a pair of these if you’re single and looking to find a man by the end of the night. Or, if you want to stir things up with your partner.

Guys who wear red underwear are confident and passionate. But be careful, there’s also a certain rebellious streak here and maybe a quest for danger. So this might be Mr Right Now rather than Mr Right.

Get some fabulous red Supawear boxers here! 


Orange is one of the hottest colours this season when it comes to undies. It’s fun, playful and confident. These are undies for guys who want to have a good time. They’re great for a one-off special pair of undies. We wouldn’t suggest getting seven pairs of orange. You might not get taken seriously.

This colour is a symbol of wisdom and wealth, so if you’re trying to channel money into your life, this might be a good option!


Another hot colour this season, yellow is bright, cheerful and uplifting. If you’re very pale-skinned this colour could make you look washed out, so it’s definitely a colour that looks better on darker skin. Someone wearing yellow underwear are more likely to be a creative type that stands out from the crowd.

Get some hot yellow Addicted COCKRING undies here!


We think that pink underwear on a guy looks super-hot! It’s a bold, confident choice, from a man that is in touch with his feminine side. These guys might be gentle, affection-hungry and tactile.


Different shades of green evoke very different feelings. Army green is masculine and formal while more natural greens can be a sign that a guy is in touch with his inner eco-warrior.

These Green neon fuel jocks from PUMP! give a modern twist on this lovely colour, combining masculine military green with softer tones. A great pair of undies for a well-rounded man.


A huge spectrum of colours, blues are generally calming, soothing colours – with brighter blues injecting more energy and darker blues adding a feeling of safety, support and stability. Blue is the colour of peace, healing and has positive effects on your mood. Like this blue underwear from C-IN2.

Sky blue or baby blue undies are playful and cute, electric blue is daring and full of energy and navy is traditional, masculine and perhaps quite #daddy

Get a few different shades and see how they make you feel!

So now when you open your Gay Pack and see the colours of your new undies, you’ll be able to look at them in a totally different way! Get yours!


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