Should you try a silicone c-ring right now?

We've been wondering for a while about the benefits of c-rings. When and why to use them? And now, thanks to Joey Pomerleau, Founder & CEO of the Wednesday Co we have an extensive understanding.

“In general, c-rings help with symptoms of erectile dysfunction by constricting the penis, trapping blood thus keeping the penis erect for longer. C-rings are also known to improve stimulation and increase sensation in wearers; meaning increased pleasure. Although people with ED may be the main users, because of the secondary benefits (Stimulation and sensation), anyone who has a penis can benefit from using one.” he explains.

How do you actually choose the c-ring that fits you the most?

“This one is all about trial and error… and really depends on where to choose to wear the ring. A c-ring should fit snug, but not fully restrict blood flow – when soft or fully erect. You should be able to easily install and remove the ring when needed, without straining or pulling too hard.” he says. “Due to the solid construction of our rings, the fit is more aligned with that of a metal ring – this is something to consider when using the product. Given the set has three sizes, there is room to play and experiment with the different sizes and placement – making finding the perfect fit easier.”

One more tip is that should a c-ring not be worn for more that 30 mins at a time. And at anytime, if sensation or feeling is lost, remove the ring right-away. If you are unable to remove the ring for whatever reason, seek medical attention immediately.

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Their silicone c-rings allow for ease of use, while still providing sturdy support and lift one would expect from a metal c-ring. They are also latex free, and less-elastic than most silicone rings; meaning they will not snap or completely restrict circulation while in use. The soft-touch, body-safe silicone that we use for most of our toys, also helps with overall comfort and wearability; “So with our c-rings to get the best of both worlds – ease of use typical of soft c-rings, with the sturdiness of a metal ring.” Pomerleau concludes.

Wednesday co. is for everyone. Their products have no gender or orientation, sexual wellness and pleasure should not conscribe to binaries. They’re here to start a conversation that needs to be had, and to update the rhetoric surrounding an archaic and taboo industry.


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