How can this fluid be blue, naturally?

When you see a bottle of blue fluid, you are sure to think it cannot be natural as well... it looks almost unnatural, doesn't it? We're here to say it can be totally natural and surprisingly it starts from a yellow starting point.

We got in touch with Pamela, the Captain of Comms at Earth Harbour to check how that is possible as their MARINA Biome Brightening Ampoule looks just that – almost unnatural but so very appealing. Considering it a company that harnesses the natural power of the ocean & Earth to bring you safe, ethical and sustainable products (sounds fab, doesn’t it?) then they surely wouldn’t be using dyes to colour their products like this?

And in fact we were right. She explains that the reason is that one of the main ingredients in it, the incredibly popular and expensive ingredient is what makes it this colour: “Blue tansy — which is actually yellow in colour — is brimming with Azulene, a naturally occurring deep blue constituent that helps even skin tone, balance and soothe skin, and alleviate redness.”

So it’s not there to just make it fabulously blue but in fact, helps to make your skin better. Which sounds exactly what we love. But what else is special about this product?

The other key ingredient you use is Spirulina. But is it really a superfood or super skincare?

“Spirulina contains nourishing B complex vitamins, vital minerals, amino acids, and a rare form of linoleic acid, making it the perfect superfood for brightening skin, protecting from environmental toxins, and fighting chaotic breakouts.” she explains.

How much of the Earth Harbor gem should one be using – what’s the perfect amount?

Use 2+ drops of any Ampoule’s hyper-targeted treatment that can be placed directly onto cleansed and toned skin using the dropper top that comes on the glass bottle container. Our ampoule’s concentrated botanical oil formula will help penetrate your skin more effectively, while reacting better with your skin’s natural microbiome.

If you got the Out’n’Proud or the Seasonal Pack, you might be able to try this out in your February pack. Can you wait?


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