Our tips how to feel comfortable in your body

Taking charge of your thoughts, especially when it's feelings about yourself, can be one of the toughest things to do when you don't feel confident. Sometimes you critique yourself and feel shy around others when you can't find ways to feel comfortable in your own skin, rather than embracing yourself for who you are.

Why put yourself through that kind of stress when you’re already perfect? Even though it can be hard to feel beautiful in your own skin, there’s a way to overcome your negative thoughts and learn to accept yourself for who you are.

I think, It all comes down to self-worth — feeling that you are truly of value, no matter how you look or act or think or what others think of you. Not feeling comfortable in one’s own skin means not accepting who you truly are—seeing your strengths and weaknesses and learning to embrace them and work on personal growth as needed. Too many of us think If I just looked better, were skinnier, were more successful, then I’d feel comfortable in my own skin, but it’s not about that at all. None of those things will help until you learn self-worth.

Rather than filling your head with thoughts of things you wish you had, find beauty in the things you already do have — whether that pertains to the way you look, your career, or personality. Want to be more comfortable in your skin? Here are 5 tips for you to do just that.

1. Detox your social media

Do a social media audit. Keep accounts that inspire and uplift you. Find accounts that echo who you are becoming. Then remove those that don’t. This sounds so simple and has been said many a time, but it’s said so much because it’s important.

You want to foster an online (and offline) world where you feel love and compassion. Not judgement and unworthiness. So, unfollow away.

2. Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you

When we place too much value on what others think than we do on what we think, feel and believe about ourselves, we will feel more uncomfortable with who we are. As we work to develop self-worth and self-love, we will find we can let others’ opinions go. You’re using too much of your precious energy stressing out how others are viewing you. Just be yourself and the right people will be attracted to you for the right reasons.

3. Pamper your body

Beyond the basics, when was the last time you did something truly kind and pampering for your body? When was the last time you slowed down and made an effort to really connect with your body and treat it well? If you’re like most people, it’s embarrassingly difficult to think of an answer. But the better you treat your body, the better you will feel about it. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • Get a massage or go to a spa.
  • Take a bath.
  • Treat yourself to fancy body lotions or oils.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Buy clothes that fit well and make you feel good.
  • Get new hot underwear, it’s always nice to try perfect underwear that make you feel more comfortable. For this we can recommend to try our most popular Gay Pack with underwear and grooming products.

4. Touch your body

If you aren’t comfortable with your body, you may go to great lengths to avoid touching it. But that only reinforces the idea that there’s something wrong with your body. Instead, try touching your body on a daily basis. Take a little extra time in the shower, or putting on lotion. Learn some self-massage techniques. Put your hands on your body as you talk to it. Masturbate! If you can get more familiar with your own body, and find more pleasure in it, you’ll naturally start to feel better about it.

5. Honor where you are

You don’t need to have a perfect relationship with your body; no one does. It’s OK to be honest about the fact that your relationship with your body is a struggle. It’s OK to acknowledge your insecurities, your frustrations, your fears, and your bad days. Instead of making perfection your goal, think instead about effort. If you can put an active and ongoing effort into improving your relationship with your body, even throughout the tough times that you’ll inevitably run into, you’re going to be much more successful than if you go into this expecting to feel 100% confident, 100% of the time.


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