How to surprise yourself?

Everyone loves Christmas time when you receive a lot of gifts but unfortunately it's only once a year. Here are four ideas how to easily surprise yourself at any time and as many times as you want.

Did you know that surprises have scientifically been proven to be good for you? Namely, they help to release the good-mood hormone dopamine in our brains, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at things in new ways.

So what are the top ways to surprise yourself?

1. Send yourself an unexpected present

Give a close friend or loved one 50+ dollars along with instructions to buy you something (or multiple things!) that will delight you. Tell that person to purchase that special something then send it to you in the mail at a random time (preferably after at least a month, to give you a chance to forget).

Wait a few months, and then… voila! A surprise present will arrive in the mail, from you, for you. (You get bonus points on this one if you do the same for your friend, doubling the surprise.)

2. Plant surprise messages

Write down encouraging, playful messages, and hide them in special spots for yourself to find throughout the year. If you need some inspiration, you could try messages like these:

Keep going, love.

You’re doing an incredible job!

I’m so proud of you.

You’ve got this.

You’re looking mighty lovely today!

Put them in your pockets (especially the pockets of clothing you wear during seasons other than the current one). Place them in between folded clothes in your drawers. Tuck them between the pages of your favourite books. Put them in your wallet, your purse, your suitcase. You just might find those messages exactly when you need them most.

3. Gay Pack

This is subscription box that is a gift for you every single month. You just need to fill in your taste profile – tell them what you like and they will play DJ to your tastes, from your new underwear to lifestyle and grooming products! Sign up now!

4. Surrender yourself to an unknown destination.

Ask someone you love spending time with to take you to a surprise destination. This could be as small as taking a walk around the neighbourhood to an unexpected spot, or as grand as taking a weekend (or longer!) roadtrip to a mystery destination. Try not to look at the map or GPS, and see if you can welcome each unexpected moment as it arrives. If you decide to go on a long trip here are 11 tips to arrive looking great!

What are you favourite ways to keep your life fun?


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