Going to Pride? 11 tips to arrive looking great

Going to fly to twenty and more Pride events this summer? You don't want to be arriving looking like you've been having a rough six months, do you? We got a few tips that will make you feel and look much better than usual

As the air in planes is so very dry – 20-30% with a good airline (while people feel fine with 45%) – then the game is so much about keeping your skin as well as yourself hydrated. We’ve gathered some of the best tips around from our own experience and swear by all of them. But PLEASE keep this between us, you wouldn’t want to give away your competitive advantage, would you now?

1. Use a humidifier before you go travelling

We love this method and use a humidifier throughout the year, especially in winter when due to heating and the cold, air is extremely dry. So, get a hydrometer to measure, a humidifier and keep the humidity at least in your bedroom around 45%. We love the Oskar humidifier by Stadler quite a bit. It looks nice and works so very well!

2. Drink lots of water

Drink as much water as possible before, during and after your trip. This is probably the easiest method to stay hydrated, even though it might cause quite a few bathroom breaks. But it’ll keep your skin looking good and yourself feeling a lot better.

2. Use a face mask before the trip

Using a hydrating face mask is a must before the trip. It’ll prepare your skin for the great stress ahead, so it will have more strength to fight the good fight and look good when you land. We love the sheet masks by When Mask and Barber Pro for this (both of which we’ve seen in Gay Packs by the way) as they just feel so.. damn.. good. Or if you want to get a great face mask and also look like a Panda then we recommend Holika Holika’s Baby Panda Magic Sheet Mask.

3. Use a face mask during a trip

Oh coming from this, we come to an awkward area. But no biggy – if your flight is more than a couple of hours, it might be a great idea to actually use a face mask during the flight. Just pick a time the plane is a bit more peaceful and put that sheet mask on. Even though you might get some weird looks, ignore them as you’ll be feeling a lot better than they will after the trip. Maybe time for that Panda mask again?

4. Use a face mask after a trip

If you did the previous face-mask steps or ignored both of them (boo to you!) then you can still get a better result when you also use a hydrating sheet mask (as they’re the easiest to use) when you get to your hotel or AirBnb. Take those 20-30 minutes, relax and let the mask do its magic.

To add to that, you could also use eye masks, such as the one we’ve featured in our Gay Packs – the eye masks by Knesko. They will make you three times younger and four times more handsome. We tested.

5. Use a nose spray

Have you heard of Humer? It’s basically cleaned sea water that you can use to humidify the inside of your nose with. It’s also used to fight colds and sinus infections, so it’ll be working double shifts for you. You can use it also before, during and after the trip. Believe us – you’ll feel a huge difference. You should get it from any well-equipped pharmacy or Amazon.

6. Use lots of cream during the trip

Whenever you feel like your skin is feeling a bit dry, use a great face cream. We’ve got a few favourites, from L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Recharging Moisturiser to Madara’s Total Renewal Night Cream. If you haven’t found one, then we have a solution how you can do just that. You can also hydrate the rest of your body as much as possible but choose the really nourishing gels or creams, like the 99% Aloe one by Holika Holika.

8. Say no to alcohol when you fly but don’t worry about coffee

While it might feel tempting at first, do *not* get a drink during your travelling times. First of all, you might miss your plane but more importantly, it will dehydrate you. Plus, the hangover you get from that is terrible as it works with the dryness of the air in the plane.

While some sources say you should also not get coffee, the later research seems to point to the fact that it will not dehydrate you. We just suggest you have coffee at the times you’d usually do it to keep your rhythm good.

9. Go with boxers (or commando)


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What might be the most annoying thing that would be very hard to fix when you’re in a plane full of people only caring about what you do? Uncomfortable underwear. So our suggestion is to keep it to boxers or go commando. Of course they should be designer boxers (like you get with us) to make sure the fabric is good and you still look great.

10. Choose comfortable clothes to sleep well

If your trip is quite long then you’d most likely want to sleep, so get yourself some nice looking joggers (not those you had at gym class), a cotton T-shirt and feel comfortable. It’ll pay off, we promise!

11. Use body mist

Finally, what we’ve seen given at least the best psychological effect has been using a body mist throughout your journey. We love the one by Mades (and have added it to our packs) but also Merci Handy has great ones. It’s basically like a nice spray that will humidify your skin and cool it as well. So be sure to try it out!

Enjoy your trip!


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