Exfoliate yourself into shape with our top exfoliation tips

You’ve been doing it all wrong. The mantra of “cleanse, tone and moisturise” leaves out one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine. We’re of course talking about the wonders of… exfoliation.

By regularly getting rid of your dead skin cells you can reveal a brighter, tighter, smoother more gorgeous you. Here are our top exfoliation tips.
Face the music and exfoliate

We’ll start off with your face – a very lovely place to start – along with a bit of science. Moisturisers are great, and we love them, but one thing they do is make dead skin cells stick around for longer. That’s not ideal.

A good moisturiser makes the top layer of your skin, well, moist (there’s a clue there in the name). That means the top layer of your skin looks smoother, plumper, healthier.

But we’ve got news… that top layer of skin is already dead.

So if you’re not exfoliating, you’re trapping more and more dead skin cells on your face. This can leave your skin looking leathery, lack-lustre and dull. And we don’t want you looking dull. Not when you’ve got such nice new undies on…

Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells, revealing younger, healthier skin underneath. But that’s not all! It’ll help smooth out wrinkles (a build up of dead skin cells can exaggerate wrinkles), and will leave a fresh layer of skin that’ll be able to absorb all the goodness of your moisturiser more easily.

Banish blemishes

Blackheads (build ups of dirt and oil in your pores) aren’t pretty and they can often develop into spots and acne. Regular exfoliation helps to keep troublesome pores clear, leading to clearer skin. Simple.

Top tip: be gentle. There’s no need to scrub hard and deep – you’re not trying to get dried food off a saucepan. Rub your exfoliator in gentle circular motions, then rinse with tepid water. Twice a week is probably plenty. Any more and you could be damaging your skin.

Ain’t no body, loves you better

And now for the rest of you. Exfoliating your body has a bunch of benefits too! As well as all the stuff from above – reducing breakouts, smoother skin, brighter skin – a body scrub can help improve circulation and reduce stress. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning, priming you skin for your moisturiser. Or use it as part of your ‘wind-down’ routine after a hard day at work.

If you shave your body hair, exfoliating can smooth bumps caused by your razor along with preventing ingrown hairs. It can make removing hair easier, as the dead layer of skin is gone, leaving a smoother surface for shaving or hair removal products.

But what about my butt?

Make your backside glow! Exfoliating your butt will remove dead skin cells, keep pores unblocked and give you back your natural shine. We recommend using natural products that are not going to cause any irritation to sensitive areas. Our favourite body scrub right now is BEAN BODY, made with feisty coffee beans. It’s just perfect for a smoother butt and body, with coconut oil to nourish and soften your skin even more. We do sport a few body scrubs every once in a while in our Gay Packs – so try them out when you enjoy it yourself – pick yours!


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