Magic in action: What are shower bombs?

The first time we heard the word shower bombs, we got a bit scared. You know, in this Trump world things are not as easy-going as they used to be. But then we got intrigued, so we decided to take a closer look.

Taking a hot bath has always been something you’d do after a horrible day to relax yourself. You know, the nice routine of filling the bath, adding bath salts, bath bombs and so on. Well, it’s really a nice dream but even if you finally have time to get into that bath, it still somehow feels like a waste of time…

So, as you might understand, we at Freedom & Undies are usually shower-people. But we’re still slightly jealous at all the fun bath-people have. Hence our surprise when we found out about shower bombs.

Like the trendy bath bomb before it, shower bombs are little tablets that dissolve in water and let out a soothing blend of aromatic scents and essential oils in the process.


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Well, that is the official explanation. We call it magic. Seriously. You cannot believe how large our eyes were when we first tested them (and no, we don’t shower with the whole team, usually). The fun factor of seeing the shower bomb sizzle, combined with the fantastic smell that came out of the Rudy’s shower bombs (which you can get in this month’s Gay Packs if you hurry up, by the way as the final pack is going out in a few hours) was just pure heaven.

The smell that fills the whole shower is actually surprisingly soothing and makes things feel as good as if you were taking a long bath. Only everything is organised faster and you can combine it with your everyday routine.

So, if you do get a hold of them (and we recommend you do), place one in a dry area of your shower (the drier it stays, the longer it will last) like a ledge or a shelf preferably on a soap dish or a saucer. Sprinkle a little water onto the bomb with your hand. The water will activate the bomb which will begin to release the essential oils into the air. Like we said: magic.

If you’re more of a bath person, you can also check out Danny’s ideas on this topic.


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