Danny’s Say: Bath vs Shower

Danny Polaris gives a very personal analysis of the two main methods of getting clean, with tips on when to use each one most effectively for different skincare and lifestyle routines.

In many ways I’m a typical early 30s, fairy active, hairy gay man. But in some ways, I’m a total granny. One of my biggest ‘granny traits’ is probably my love for having a bath. I’m going to tell you why you should consider taking more baths, and then round things off with why showers are also pretty awesome.

Bath time is relax time

A bath is your time to relax, to unwind, to escape from the world for a while. There’s nothing quite like putting your head under the warm waters of a bath and letting the noises of the outside world fade, focusing on your breath, and the sound of your heartbeat.

A great way to get off to sleep

A hot bath can help prepare you for a better night’s sleep. Not while you’re still in the water though, obviously! It can be an effective way of lowering your blood pressure, and a very effective way of relaxing your muscles – which is both physically and mentally soothing. I tend to go straight to bed after a hot bath. I might feel a bit fuzzy, maybe even slightly dizzy, but I always fall asleep straight away.

If you have problems with low or high blood pressure, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor before starting a new bathing regimen.

Use bath salts to combat skin conditions

Dead sea salts, Epsom salts or any other combination of bath salts can be very effective at helping to relieve skin conditions like acne, psoriasis or dry skin. They are often regarded as a good way to draw toxins out of the skin and to help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Bath oils can boost your mood

Using oils in your bath can be a great way to lock extra moisture into your skin. They can also boost your mood, with rose oil especially uplifting. We love lavender oil for its relaxing effect or peppermint oil for an energy boost. Experiment with different oils depending on your mood.


Showers are more time-efficient and faster than taking a bath. Whether or not they take up less water depends on how powerful your shower is, and how long you stay in there!

Get clean fast

If you’ve been doing sports and are covered in sweat, if you are in a hurry, or preparing for a date, for sex, or both – a shower will serve you well.

Useful as a waking-up aid

If you struggle to get out of bed some days, heading straight for a cool shower is a guaranteed way to wake you up. If you have it too hot, you may just want to head back to bed. (By the way, we got a fab Rudy’s Shower Bomb that will make your shower-time smell great in this month’s Out’n’Proud pack – get yours!)

In the summer a splash of cooler water will refresh you, and a cold shower will wake you up any time of day, any time of year… if you’re brave enough.

Cold showers are good for boosting circulation, increasing alertness and when it comes to your skin, for sealing pores, closing them against dirt and dust.

Exfoliation and treatments

A shower is also a great place to exfoliate your face and body, and to apply treatments to any dry hair. If you’ve got a messy product, like an exfoliator, or a coffee scrub or face mask, the shower is the perfect place to rinse off the ‘bits.’


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