There’s something about socks.. but what?

Socks are one of the most essential articles of clothing, but their importance, function, and aesthetics are often overlooked.

You don’t want to be that guy that wears white crew socks with a suit or dress socks for workouts just because there’s a clean pair in the drawer. To put it plainly, not all socks are created equal.

Buying the right socks can improve your look, your comfort, and save you money in the long run.

The General Rules of Socks:

1. No thin / fine dress socks for athletic shoes.
If you’re unsure about how to wear your socks, stick to black.
2. Make sure your socks match each other and have no visible holes. It sounds obvious, but it’s an easy enough mistake to make.
3. Remember you need to ensure that they fit well, so you don’t have to spend the whole day pulling them up as they sag around your ankles.
4. A good pair of socks shouldn’t just absorb sweat, but should distribute perspiration through the material to the outer surface which is an actual process called wicking.
5. The sock should cushion the foot from impact with the ground, and prevent the skin from rubbing against the inside of shoes.

The Socks:

1. Bright socks are a little harder to style but ultimately, confidence is key. You might be able to get away with certain styles in formal situations but if you’re unsure about it, play it safe with something a little less eye-catching. A pair of tie-dye or paisley print socks wouldn’t look out of place at a festival, but when left to peek out from between your jeans and trainers, they can be worn on the streets too. If you’re really proud of your sock-choice, then you can whack on some shorts and let everyone bask in your risqué footwear. (PS! If you use the coupon code BRYT, you can get a free pair of fab socks with your first Gay Pack)

2. Patterned socks are almost as versatile as a plain pair. Argyle, polka dot and stripes are all classic patterns; it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them with your smartest lace-ups or even a pair of loafers, as long as your choice of colour isn’t too crazy. Socks emblazoned with multiple patterns can be worn to make your everyday jeans and a t-shirt combo a tad more fun; these are best paired with trainers as they’re a much more casual style.

3. If you’re a stickler for rules and really want to keep your socks and trousers matching, then a plain pair in grey, black, or navy are about as adventurous as it’s gonna get. If you go for a less neutral colour, or a textured fabric, then plain socks can add a cheeky hint of colour to an otherwise simple outfit. These can be slipped in to your brogues for a day in the office or paired with your trainers for casual wear; their versatility makes them a definite sock drawer staple.


They are basically two type of socks what you can easily use for stylish your look:
1. Mid-calf/Crew – Socks with a top extending beyond the largest part of the calf
2. Over the calf / Executive – Socks with a top extending beyond the calf but not over the knee.

We chose only this two types of socks because they have a top extending beyond – which can help you to stylish your look.

So basically you can see, there are not many rules and restrictions. All depends on your taste, imagination, and how insane you are.

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