How to choose the perfect trunks?

For most men, it’s one of our first decisions each morning. It’s the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off each night. Some of us just grab the first pair we can locate while others carefully select a style and colour that compliments, coordinates, and meets the needs and aspirations of the day.

Men are steadily becoming more and more adventurous in the underwear department. Our culture glorifies the sexy, the masculine, and the stylish. Guys have followed suit flaunting, presenting themselves, and marketing themselves and their bodies all over social media and the internet. We have become so visual in how we communicate and consequently our underwear choices have become a very important form of expression.

Research suggests today over 80% of men buy their own underwear with over 50 percent of that group shopping online. Single guys generally value variety a bit more and overall guys tend to stock up 3-4 times a year. Choosing which type of underwear works for you just takes a little bit of trial and error so we decide this time to talk about the most popular underwear type – trunks and give you some tips to help you make right decision!

Trunk-style has been quite hyped among the male population for its sporty appeal and certainly is the way to look good this season. So if you are planning to make a purchase in the ongoing sales, then you should be looking at the following things and take care of them.

The fit

The shorter version of boxer brief underwear, trunks is the body-fit hugging type of style that sticks close to your body. Hence, the fit is quite important for you and your comfort. Make sure you check the size of the fashion underwear style before you slip into it because you obviously don’t want the manhood to suffocate inside the layers of fabrics.

The length

Trunks are generally shorter than the boxer briefs and definitely more covering than the tighty-whitey briefs. The in-between fit keeps a balance between the level of comfort, coverage, no-riding-up feeling and more. If you are ever confused with the style, just remember that trunks don’t pass your mid-thighs. They would be about the length where your manhood ends and a little below that.

The fabric

Just because the fit and length serve you right, it doesn’t mean that you are in for absolute comfort. There are other features too which work for your comfort and the fabric is one of them. If you get the fabric right, the icing-on-the-cake feeling would just make everything else fall into place. Choose the advantageous cotton, bamboo, nylon or anything that you like.

We sure take good care of these basics when we pick underwear for our Gay Packs.. Oh don’t have one yet? Then hurry up as we’re running out of them this month!


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