7 reasons why you should wear jockstraps every day

Wearing jockstraps when you do sports or have a fantastic evening in mind, is nothing new. But why should you wear jockstraps every day? We got a few reasons to give you just for that.
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We already have talked about why jockstraps are amazing but now it’s time to take a look why you should be wearing them every single day.

1. Comfort

They will not ride up, keep everything in the right place and keep your body temperature more well-adjusted than other pairs of underwear.

2. Support

Talking about support – there are perhaps no better ways to keep everything where it needs to be. Jockstraps offer ultimate support for your private parts, without smushing them.

3. Confidence

If you’re feeling comfortable and everything is well-supported then it’s so much easier to feel also confident. Plus, hey, you’re wearing something really hot, so you got that boosting confidence as well.

4. Accentuate your assets

Jocks are almost built to accentuate your assets. Not only in the front but also the back parts. These cloth-strips and the front panel really do wonders in showing off your assets in the best possible way.

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5. It’s good for your sex life

Talking about this, jocks make for a great foreplay. We can’t tell you all the tips how but we’re sure you have a few ideas. Especially considering they’re a mini(?)-fetish for quite a few men.

6. It’s less laundry work

Cooling things off after the last point is that they’re practical. Namely, they require a lot less work when you do laundry than other pairs of underwear. They get washed quicker and will dry off quicker too. Not bad, huh!

You can also check out our guide to washing underwear by the way. 

7. Spices up your boring clothes

When you can just wear a boring suite, a uniform or anything equally little imaginative then maybe it’s time for jocks? They will definitely spice up your attire, even if it’s only you that knows about them. to feel at least a bit more

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