We know what you're thinking. Does anyone actually still wear those things? We can tell that, yes and isn't just for athletes anymore: Here are 5 reasons why every gay man needs a jockstrap (or more) in their life!

Jockstraps have been around since 1800 (who knew?) but in recent years, these undergarments have been making a massive comeback. Now available in every style, shape, and colour imaginable, jockstraps are slowly becoming a staple in every queer man’s closet. As they should! Here are the essential reasons for spicing up your closet.

1. Support

The first jockstrap was manufactured in the late 1800s by a Chicago sporting goods company called Sharp & Smith. Its designers were looking for a bespoke underwear solution for the bicycle jockeys working the cobblestone streets of Boston.

The basic design of the jock-strap is fairly uniform  –  an elastic waistband to which is attached a support pouch for the genitals, and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip.

Bouncing around all day meant that those pioneering underpant porters needed to make sure everything stayed where it should and didn’t get in the way. Whether you’re running to your next meeting or you are in the gym, you’ll want all the support you can get.

2. Room

With jocks you can forget about a sweaty backside. Thankfully with the jockstrap, you’ve got all the room to breath you need!

3. Sex Appeal

Gone are the days of the boring, dirty white jock. These days there are tonnes of companies like PUMP!, ADDICTED, Supawear that are producing fun and sexy lines of jocks to suit every taste and style.

Plus, it’s fun to have fun with jockstraps – you feel like you’re wearing something but still feeling exposed and naked. Especially as they accentuate intimate features of you and your partner!

It’s probably why they’re one of the most popular choices in our subscribers Taste Profiles and hugely popular in the Gay Packs!

4. Comfort

If comfort is the most important factor in your underwear choice then you definitely need to try jocks! A thick waistband and elastic under-butt straps keep doing the job of your ordinary underwear without those extra bits that cause you headaches.

5. Cost

Less material means less loot out of your wallet. Buy a bunch of them – they’ll be cheaper than underwear.

Are you already a fan of jockstraps? We are! So why don’t you give them a try or add some more from our Shop.


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