How to choose the perfect swimwear?

For a successful pool day or beach escape, you'll need a mix of amazing weather, easy-to-make cocktails, and a perfectly packed beach bag. But those highlights are diminished if you’re not feeling comfortable in your swimsuit. Before your next day in the sun, be sure to wear something that you really love and feel confident. Use this guide to find the pair that is best suited for you.

Things to consider when buying swimwear

  • Know the visual impression you want
  • Choose the best color
  • Pick the best fabric
  • Know your active needs

Think about the following when you’re weighing swimsuit options:

How much leg movement are you going to do? Loose fabric, when wet, can chafe very quickly, so a loose trunk style of shorts isn’t great if you plan on walking around in your suit or using your legs for exercise. (Despite the “boardshort” name, pro surfers usually wear snug, tight-fitting swimwear these days.)

How much actual swimming (as opposed to wading and splashing around) are you going to do? You’ll want to reduce drag if you’re actually propelling yourself through the water for any length of time, making a tighter fit preferable.

How much sun protection do you need? For prolonged sun exposure, it’s worth considering something that covers the upper body as well as the lower.

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There are no right or wrong choices here, but you should realistically expect your choices to have some effect on other people. There are going to be visual judgments, whether you want them or not.

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Types of men’s swimwear

Swim shorts are the perfect choice for leisure swimmers or those who are looking for beach swimwear. Swim shorts are available in different lengths varying from 15 inches to board length so can be versatile to your needs. Some swim shorts have some brilliant features including chlorine resistance, quick drying properties and also often UV protection. They aren’t ideal for fitness or performance swimmers as they have a high drag level in the water making it more challenging to swim.

Aquashorts are similar to swimming briefs however offer a little more coverage with the same comfort level. They are ideal for regular pool use for those who train for fitness or performance as they have little drag in the water and often have chlorine resistant properties for longevity.

Briefs are the traditional style from all of the leading swimwear brands and are ideal for swimming training. Most people consider these the most comfortable to wear regularly.

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