How do you tame a condom?

Ahh condoms. The basis of so many horrific stories. But how do you tackle that? How do you tame a condom?

“I will never forget the first time I went into a store to purchase condoms, where I was both shocked and overwhelmed by all of the sizes and options available”, Joseph Pomerleau, the Founder & CEO of Wednesday co, starts. “Seeing as I was still very awkward when it came to talking about sex and sexual wellness, I grabbed the first reasonable option and ran for the till only to find out later I had bought some awful warming condoms that gave me a rash.”

Sounds way too familiar, we say.

“When I created the Wednesday co. condoms, that experience was top of mind; why can’t there be a high-quality, simple, and non-aggressive condom that does what it is supposed to: protect me and my partner(s) while still maintaining pleasure?” he asks. “Yes, many ultra-thin latex condoms are out there, but ours are free from any unnecessary flavours, fragrances, chemicals, and heteronormative jargon.”

He also wanted the packaging to be modern and fresh and very different from what was available at the time. The same standard colour pallet, favoured by the “big boys,” was the first thing to go; so were the oversized boxes and hard-to-tear wrappers.

“Simplicity was what I craved, so I made it happen”

Joseph Pomerleau, the Founder & CEO of Wednesday

“Ultimately, I believe that pleasure should be derived from the “connection” between myself and my partner(s), not a warming, vibrating, banana flavoured piece of rubber that would be unceremoniously tossed in the bin 20 mins later,” Joseph explains. “Time frame not important, haha – but you get the idea! That’s is why there is Wednesday co.; no muss, no fuss, no thinking required – Just open (without your teeth) and enjoy ;)”

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Well tamed, kind Sir, well tamed.


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