7 basics grooming tips every guy should know

First impressions matter, whether you’re in a job interview, business meeting, meeting the guy of your dreams for a blind date. Don't forget that when people see you for the very first time they will judge you based on how you present yourself.

Some men look like they were born dapper. Hair always on point. Skin always clear. Are they better men than you? Of course not. They just know grooming tips that you don’t.

Good grooming is an essential part of style, gentlemen. Save time, money, and your look – by giving these tricks a try. Read on for 6 quick grooming tips to sharpen up your style. Some of these might seem weird or counterintuitive – but they all work.

1. Best time to cut your nails

There is no one best time – it depends on your technique. If you’re using clippers or a file, you want your nails to be hard. Do it before your shower. If you use nail scissors – then do it after you shower. Their sharper edge will give you unmatched precision on a shower-softened nail.

2. Wash your hair less often

Frequent shampooing is necessary for most because hair collects dirt and sweat. The soap in shampoo, however, is very drying – and it can cause your hair to look dull, frizzy, or straw-like. If your hair is unmanageable, washing too frequently may be to blame. Don’t forget to use hair conditioner.

3. Shave the back of your neck

Shaving the back of your neck once a week can add a week or more to your time between barber visits. Save money – and time in the chair getting your hair cut. Ideally you’ll want to use a trimmer – smaller than a clipper and specifically designed to trim your hairline. Don’t forget to use a handheld mirror to see what you’re doing, and follow your natural hairline. Don’t push it up too far or create hard lines – they tend to grow out unnaturally.

If you have sensitive skin, pick a razor with a single blade. The razors with multiple blades will create more chances of irritating the acne. We can recommend you to try super comfortable a fingertip shaver from EVO Shave!

4. Take care of your beard

Having a beard can be cool but if it’s smelly, frizzy or all over the place, that coolness level drops down to zero. First step is to wash it with a good shampoo and conditioner so it stays clean and smells great. Now there are different nuances to grooming a beard. If you have a really thick and long beard you will need a wide tooth comb, narrow tooth comb and a bristle brush to comb through your beard. What this does is it removes the tangles and keeps it looking in order.

Last step would be putting in some beard oil that does two things. First it hydrates and second helps you style the beard.

5. Eyebrow Grooming

Unruly eyebrows can mess with your facial symmetry and draw attention away from your eyes – both big hits to your overall good looks. We also have a guide  how to take care of your eyebrows.

6. Wash and moisturise your face skin

Avoid using bath soap that you use on your body to wash your face. These contain cleansers that can possibly dry out the skin and cause more irritation.

If you have oily skin you will need to wash your face with warm water and with a cleansing soap specially formulated for oily skin.

If you have dry skin will need a facial soap formulated for such. This ensures proper cleansing and moisture retention. After washing your face make sure to rinse off with cold water to close down pores.

If you have dry skin, apply some moisturiser for added protection against the elements. You can also use a face mask once of weak. Here you can find top 6 facts what you need to know about sheet masks. Or you can find them in our Gay Packs every once in a while! Subscribe now!

7. Too much fragrance?

You need to know that that fragrance must be discovered, never announced. Too much fragrance is not only a turnoff, it can cause migraines and allergic reactions of other people.

Most men have a poor sense of smell and become desensitised to their every day cologne. As a result, they end up using too much and announcing their presence with a strong scent.

Develop the habit of wearing the right amount of perfume, applied in the right places. Selectively spray once on your wrists, neck and chest while holding the bottle 10 inches away from your body. Subtlety is the key to impressing while using generous amounts of fragrance reeks of trying too hard.

Whether you are using a stronger perfume or a weaker concentration cologne, the number of sprays does not change. A weaker scent evaporates quicker, requiring another application during the day. Find the proper balance and your scent will draw people closer rather than repel them.

Hope our tips will help you to look great. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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