Why you need to use hand masks?

From great watches to manicures, we love to make our hands look pretty! But to keep your hands looking their best and feeling their softest, you’ll need more than just your manicure every other week.

You need to know that extra care for the skin on your hands is a must. Especially you will begin to notice this when you get older. I remember when I showed my mom a video from Cher’s last tour, and my mom noted “her neck and arms look amazing”.


Yes, I KNOW! And she is 73 years old. People always notice such details. Even if you don’t think about it.

You might be familiar with face masks, but you may not have heard of hand masks. Before I tell you what hand masks are, I’m going to tell you why they just might be the extra love your hard-working hands are craving.

Hard-working hands

Your hands don’t get enough credit for the hard work they do every day. Whether it’s typing at the computer or washing dishes your hands are the unsung heroes of your everyday life.

Your hands get stuff done, but that leaves them prone to premature aging, wrinkles, blisters, and dryness. And because we’re always using our hands, they’re constantly exposed to the elements — cold wind, hot water, and damaging sun (many of us forget to put sunscreen on our hands).

Even if you don’t work with your hands a lot, you’re probably still washing them frequently. Unfortunately, this hygienic habit dehydrates your skin with each wash.

No matter what you do with your hands, at one point or another they’re likely to be dry, cracked, and wrinkled. They deserve some attention.

Show your hands some appreciation

There are plenty of products you can use to take care of your hands: scrubs, lotions, exfoliants, gloves, hand masks, just to name a few. In addition to using the necessary products and moisturisers, you can also take some preventive measures to prevent dry hands.

Wear gloves when cleaning house, or washing dishes. Remember to put on your winter mittens, and invest in a pair of weight-lifting gloves. Finally, try to keep your hands out of excessively hot water.

When you pay special attention to your hands, you help to keep them soft and supple in the short-term, but it also helps them stay healthy and younger-looking for the long-term.

What are hand masks?

Think of a face mask…except for your hands. It’s exactly what it sounds like — creamy, moisturising, hydrating, nutrient-filled goodness for your hands.

Hand masks work just like face masks. They sit on your skin, infusing and trapping in moisture and nutrients. You apply the thick mask to the backs of your hands and leave it for a while (usually around 10-20 minutes) as it soaks in and works its moisturising magic.

We recommend to try Hand Therapy from Beauty Pro or Hydrating Hand Mask from Karuna.

Why you should use hand masks

Hopefully, we’ve already convinced you that your hands deserve some extra care. But why are hand masks one of the best ways to show that care?

Firstly, hand masks are excellent at delivering much-needed moisture to your hands. And you already know that your skin needs moisture in order to maintain its elasticity and stay soft, supple, and gorgeous.

Secondly, hand masks are easy to buy from our store, and if you already have your subscription, you can buy them and add to your next Gay Pack. This will save you the shipping cost.

Thirdly, they’re easy to use. Next time you’re watching your favourite Netflix series, slather the mask onto your thirsty hands, and before the episode is over you’ll have softer, more hydrated hands.

Try something new and your hands will be grateful to you!


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