11 must-haves for your first-aid kit

Scrape? Splinter? Don’t worry – you’ve got it covered.

Last week my husband cut his finger, I don’t often use our first-aid kit and of course when you need something, it is not there. That’s why I decide to do some research and write this article to shares what safety essentials you should keep on hand to treat common symptoms, injuries and emergencies.

Avoid that “Where did I put those Band-Aids?” panic by having a well-stocked first-aid kit in both your car and at home.

Starting from scratch? There’s no need for a fancy, heavy-duty supply kit — simply use whatever small storage box or zippered pouch you have handy to store items you can find in any pharmacy or supermarket.

You can never be too prepared. here’s how to assemble a well-stocked first-aid kit to teat falls, stings, twists and pain:

  • disposable sterile gloves
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings
  • sticky tape
  • at least 2 sterile eye dressings
  • thermometer (preferably digital)
  • antiseptic cream
  • aspirin (not to be given to children under 16), or ibuprofen
  • plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes. For example like this Patch Activated Charcoal one

This plaster activated charcoal range is made from 100% organic bamboo fibre, with activated charcoal gauze to assist the natural healing process. They are low-irritating and suitable for those with sensitive skin. You can get this plaster for free if you sign up for the Out’n’Proud Pack this month.

Also during the summer months, it’s also a good idea to keep sunscreen, insect repellent and aloe vera gel on hand. For example like this HOLIKA HOLIKA ALOE 99%.

It may also be useful to keep a basic first aid manual or instruction booklet with your first aid kit and get the Red Cross app.

Remember, medicines should be checked regularly to make sure they’re within their use-by dates!


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