How to decorate a Christmas tree in 3 easy steps

The secret to decorating a beautiful Christmas tree is simple: Style in layers! Get more of our editor's best tips for Christmas tree decorating with these step-by-step instructions.

One of the best things about the Christmas season is driving or walking through neighborhoods and catching glimpses of festive Christmas trees in living room windows, decked out in lights, garlands, and ornaments.

The elements that go into decorating a Christmas tree—lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments—are familiar to nearly everyone. But when it comes to creating a holiday tree that expresses your style, personality, heritage, and surroundings, the options are virtually unlimited. The best Christmas trees are filled with layer upon layer of memories, traditions, and ornaments—both handcrafted and store-bought.

How to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro

Getting a dazzling holiday tree doesn’t have to be hard work. All it takes is an understanding of how the elements work together. Remember: It’s more fun to decorate your tree with your partner than to strive for perfect placement.

Step 1: hang your Christmas tree lights

Traditional Incandescent Lights
These Christmas tree lights, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, are the most popular type of tree lights. They warm up the branches of a real tree, which will release the scent of pine into the room.

LED Lights
These Christmas tree lights are newer than the traditional incandescent lights and don’t produce heat. They’re typically more expensive, but they are flameproof, fireproof, and completely safe to decorate a Christmas tree with.

Globe Lights
These Christmas tree lights are round and come in many sizes. They look like balls of color on the tree, and while they have a softer glow than mini lights, the light they produce covers a larger area on the tree.

Step 2: add Christmas tree garland

There are no firm rules for decorating a Christmas tree when it comes to draping garland. To avoid branches bulging between tightly cinched garland strands, start at the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches. Plan to use about two strands of garland for every vertical foot of tree.

To avoid a busy look on your tree, decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of garlands from plain to fancy. Thin, beaded garlands look best hung from branch to branch; thicker paper, ribbon, or foil garlands look best wrapped loosely around the entire tree.

Step 3: Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

The final step in decorating your tree is to hang your Christmas ornaments. Here’s what to consider as you’re arranging ornaments.

  • To showcase your favorite ornaments, place them in prime positions on the tree first.
  • Next, hang your larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Ornament balls in one color but several sizes and textures will create continuity from top to bottom. Hang the larger ones on the bottom, the smaller at the top.
  • Fill in around those ornaments with medium- and small-size ornaments. Be sure to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest. They reflect the light to make your tree sparkle from the inside. Make the tree yours by adding specialty items, such as handmade ornaments, clip-on ornaments, or icicles.
  • Finish the look with a simple tree topper and a festive tree skirt.

Stand back and study your tree from various angles (we recommend squinting your eyes) to determine if there are empty areas to fill.

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