Why you should add dry brushing to your grooming routine right now

Are you getting tired of the same old grooming procedures? Yes, so are we... But no more! There's a new routine in town and it's sure to fab up your spa-days even more.

Dry brushing, nothing more or less than dry brushing your skin, is a quick, simple but efficient way to give your skin an invigorating boost.

The concept is simple: before your shower or bath, take the time to gently exfoliate your skin with a brush.

Dry brushing not only works to get your lymphatic system going and supported, but it also removes dead skin cells. This also improves the structure of your skin. Clogged pores open again and therefore your skin can breathe better and remove waste products better.

Massage stimulates the blood circulation of your skin and the removal of waste products. Also, your moisturisers can do a better job on a skin with fewer dead skin cells. You can tackle an old layer of self-tanner with it, so that the dreaded blotchy phase is over faster.

If you have the Out’n’Proud pack then you might be able to do this even easier. Namely, thanks to the Daily Concepts Daily Round Silicone Scrubber in this month’s pack.

“It will boosts your shower routine by providing the relaxing feeling of a massage while cleansing the entire body.” says Michelle de Boer-Shmarya from Daily Conceps.

But how to use it? It’s simple – brush your skin in long strips in the direction of your heart (on your legs that is from bottom to top). In this way you help your lymphatic system to better dispose of waste products. Do not brush the places where you have cellulite harder, more often or longer.

The finger loop on the back makes it easy to hold and hang. Flexible, durable, and long-lasting, replace your dirty loofah with this travel-size 100% silicone body scrubber.


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