Why You Made The Naughty List This Year

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time for the seasonal self-reflection. Turns out, despite a year full of giving and receiving, you have once again ended up on Santa’s naughty list. Wondering why? Here’s a few reasons:

Your Nights Were Not So Silent

Silent night, holy night. But not for you. You probably already grew up with nights more silent than those of your straight peers. And who’s to say a loud night cannot be holy? Especially if you were on your knees and whispered “Ah, men!”

You Turned The Other Cheek… One Too Many Times

The saying goes, if somebody slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. And you did. More than once. But turns out, that’s not quite how they meant it. Santa certainly didn’t. And once again, you earned a point for the naughty list. Oh well, here’s to more turning of cheeks and switching up them positions!

You Didn’t Believe In Santa

First of all, who can blame you? The ice caps are melting and the North Pole really doesn’t sound like a fitting place for an old bearded hunk and his family to live. Aren’t we tired of straight storylines, anyway? And on this note, has anyone ever actually seen Mrs. Claus? Perhaps Santa could skip the chimney this year and come out of the closet at last!

You Forgot The Milk And Cookies

Yes. Last Christmas, you once again forgot to keep up with the tradition. But what’s the big deal? Last time we checked, dairy was neither good for your skin nor the environment. And wasn’t gluttony one of the 7 deadly sins anyway? Now tell me, who was the sinner again?

Your Outfits Were Too Generous

Okay. Maybe a few of your ensembles were indeed a little too… festive. Hoe-hoe-hoe! But isn’t Christmas the season for all things flashy and sparkly? And of all people, Santa really isn’t the one to judge. Look at his red velvet two-piece sets, funky boots, hats and belts. So much for aging gracefully! Well, perhaps next year you’ll be nicer and rock an ugly Christmas jumper. It might even say “Jingle my bells.”

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We hope you have a wonderful start of the holiday season, filled with much love and many joyful experiences! And remember – the terms naughty and nice aren’t mutually exclusive.


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