What do you need to know about Addicted?

All it will take to convince you that Addicted Underwear creates the best men’s underwear in the world for 10 years now, is for you to try them on, but if you need more convincing, here are a few more reasons you should slip on a pair of their underwear.

To begin, we would like to tell you 3 interesting facts about Addicted.

1. They’re designed & manufactured in Spain

Due to the rising costs of labor and materials, many menswear brands choose to manufacture their goods in Asia – particularly in China, Vietnam and Thailand. Addicted wanted to maintain the highest quality control and therefore chose to keep production in Spain.

2. Addicted is the sister company to ES Collection

ES Collection is one of Spain’s most prominent men’s underwear, sportswear and swimwear brands. ES Collection is focussed on providing the latest designs at the highest quality. They are most well known for their 2007 “wonder slip” which provides a removable “pack-up” piece, giving the wearer the perfect jeans bulge. This same technology is used by Addicted. 

3. There’s literally a design for every occasion

Whether you’re heading to the office or the club, a rooftop bar or somewhere a little darker, Addicted has you covered. Addicted’s latest line is the very sexy Fetish series, designed with nighttime activities in mind. You can leave little to the imagination, and show off your greatest assets, with the harnesses, translucent briefs and jockstraps from Addicted Fetish range!

Comfy and look great!

We spend a lot of time wearing underwear, which is why Addicted don’t settle for anything less than supremely comfortable. The designers at Addicted know that not everybody enjoys shoving their bits into an internal pocket just for a little bulge enhancement.

Instead, they created the “wonder slip” which is the term they use for the technology which adds comfort, support, as well as an enhanced profile through an extra layer of cushioning. Your privates never knew it could look this good, but if you like to keep it real and have the bragging rights, the padding is easily removable.

To reach their high standards of comfort Addicted men’s underwear use fabric with high qulity in all their products, which helps to ensure freedom of movement in a pair of undies that can also breathe. Pulling hungry undies out of your bum is never a good look, but with the Addicted brand, you don’t have to worry.

As we told you before Addicted have an excellent pedigree as they are a part of the ES Collection which has decades of experience producing some of the world’s most respected swimwear, sportswear, and of course, underwear.



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