What does underwear tell about a man’s personality?

Just got to know a new guy and are wondering what he's all about? Or just want to know what your underwear shows about yourself? We got the full overview!


If you encounter someone wearing this baggy excuse for fabric, odds are he’s still not old enough to drink or at least has that mentality. He’s most likely a classic kind of all-American dude. He doesn’t like to stray from what he knows or what is comfortable. He’s probably been wearing the same five pairs of boxers his mom bought him at Ralph Lauren in 2008.

Boxers were all the rage years back, but now, they’re a poor excuse for underwear that get bunched up in just about any pair of pants you decidedly wear.

He isn’t fashion-forward or full of himself. This is a straight-talking guy with more important things to worry about than fashionable underwear. He likely doesn’t even think much about his clothes at all — he’s too busy figuring out how not to pay his student loans from that private college he went to.

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He is into what is cozy and snug. This is the kind of guy who will open up to you about his darkest childhood memory, when he fell out of a tree and his dad told him not to cry and be a man. He’s sensitive, OK? He’s unafraid of his emotions and passions and wants you to know he’s good with that.

He’ll bring you coffee in bed and take care of you before he goes on a five-mile run. He’s a multitasker and a talker. He isn’t afraid to rock skinny jeans, and he certainly isn’t worried about what anyone thinks of him. The dude is too busy at band practice. Do you love his band? He wants you to love his band.

Boxer briefs

He is a fully grown man… with fully grown briefs.

He’s the strong silent type your mom always warned you about. He doesn’t say much, unless he has something to say. But you can tell what he’s thinking just by looking into his smouldering eyes, can’t you?

The guy toting these is a gentleman, inclined to pick up the check and hold the door open with no hesitation. The binding nature of this pair may give off more of a tame side, but that’s not to say they avoid danger altogether.

He doesn’t play games and he doesn’t mess around with hearts. He says what he means. Realistically, he’s probably more of a lover, not a fighter. He reads a lot of Edgar Allan Poe and talks about your future children, even though you’ve only been dating three weeks. He doesn’t want to freak you out, but are you down to be together forever?


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A man’s equivalent to wearing lingerie.┬áSince it aims to boost the bulge and draws eyes directly to their perky ass and smooth thighs, odds are the wearer has thrown them on for a specific reason.

This guy may be a tad full of himself, or at least has a mission and he’s set on accomplishing and boy does he look good!

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A guy in a thong is a fearless man. And that is what is important to the thong-clad man. He wants to look good and is willing to give up a little comfort if he needs to, even though no one asked him to do that. He is a total goddamn weirdo, but he’s just doing his thing.

His choice also means that you are extremely comfortable with his sexuality and are not bothered by what others think of you. When it comes to choices, he’s the kind of person who makes his own and sticks with it no matter what. His sense of self-confidence is his greatest quality.


Jocks are for a playful guy who wants some freedom and usually has a nice behind he wants to show whenever you get his trousers off.

He might’ve also been into sports or still is and loves the comfort these give. In any case, you’re in great hands with him and will probably soon be wearing a pair too.

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He might be called down-to-earth by some or dirty by others: dealer’s choice! If he’s not one to wear underwear, he’s not one to sweat the small stuff, probably.

There’s another side to this as well. It’s the wish to feel like Brian from Queer As Folk and really show he can rock the bedroom. Are you willing to take the risk he’s just “practical” or can make the world go round and round?


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