Is this the Buffy spin off we deserve?

Remember the fantastic TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Of course you do! Now it seems its spin-off is finally here and it'll be sure to impress.

We had a talk with Paul Marshall from Anatomicals, who’s behind this new development. Namely, they have launched a new eye mask that will sure to slay your eye bags. Yes, we’re talking about their Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer revitalising gel eye mask.

“We can’t all get our required 8 hours’ a night. Well, not sleep, at least,” Paul explains. “Such nocturnal activities can leave your delicate under eye area looking swollen and baggy, with dreaded dark circles – a real giveaway as to what you’ve been up to. In just 10 minutes, these hydrating collagen soaked patches will not only reduce puffiness, they’ll help with fine lines and have skin looking healthy, more youthful and firmer. And who doesn’t want firmer?”

But how to make sure they work? Whenever your eyes feel in need of a lift (strictly of the non-surgical kind) simply remove from the sachets and pop them under your “pooped-out peepers” (as he puts it). Easy, no?

And yes, you can try them out in this month’s Out’n’Proud Gay Pack – enjoy!

But why such a fun name to a product that saves you from yourself? Well, as Phil puts it then: “No matter how seriously we take pampering and regardless of how seriously great our products are, we don’t present them in a serous manner. Everything we sell is packaged with a wry frivolity. we figure you don’t want to learn about the science behind our formulations (they work – enough said).”


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