Instacrush of this week / we love @gizeppe in his undies!

With so many hot guys on Instagram these days, it can take a lot of scrolling to be sure you're not missing out on anyone looking delicious in their undies... our weekly feature solves this problem. You're welcome!

This week, we spoke to the jaw-droppingly-cute @Gizeppe from UK!

F&U: One of our favourite questions is coming right up! You can probably guess what we’re going to ask… What do you like doing most in your undies?

Depends on the undies! I usually like lounging around in jocks and briefs at home, or I’ll wear comfy boxers when I’m going to the gym.

F&U: How do you choose what you’re going to wear today?

I wear different stuff depending on my mood or what I’m doing, like to be comfortable when I’m at work so I’ll choose looser fitting stuff. I probably spend too much time deciding what to wear everyday!

F&U: Do you have a favourite pair of undies?

Probably these PUMPS from my #GayPack

Or these Calvin’s…

F&U: How did you get so many followers in social media, what is your secret?

Haha there’s no secret, it’s just happened over time for me, it’s not really something I control it’s just grown naturally.

F&U: Many people who have developed a large following on social media have started their brands for other products. Have you thought about doing the same?

Not really, it takes a lot of focus and time to develop a brand and it’s not something I have the time to do at this point in my life but that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.

F&U: Do you have a regular skin care or beauty routine?

Actually no, it’s probably something I should look after more but I’m rubbish at it! I do try not to mess with my skin too much as it’s super sensitive so that’s probably also why.

F&U: With such a fab body, we’re guessing you do a lot of sports or gym?

I try to stay as active as possible, I gym 4 times a week and I train for rugby once a week too so that tends to keep me fit! Sometimes I’ll gym twice a day when I’m working towards a specific goal.

F&U: You received one of our GAY packs recently – what did you think?

Loved it as always, it’s great getting different things each week and it’s usually stuff I wouldn’t buy if I was shopping so I does feel like a treat and the underwear is always a style that I love!

Thanks so much for talking to us, Gizeppe. Keep delighting our eyes on Instagram with your hot pictures!


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