HUNK is here

Hunk is a new brand of male fashion underwear that delivers high quality underwear in fashions all men can enjoy. But the company’s highlight is their philosophy and how they want to change the way men without ripped bodies feel about themselves.

Hunk was made without the large logos found on most designer brands, putting the focus back on the style and the wearer. The underwear is designed in the United States and made out of delicate South American fabrics. Besides sexy boxers and briefs, Hunk’s most recent collection also includes jockstraps for the more adventurous.

The company wanted to stand apart from designer brands being made in China out of inferior fabrics by using those strong nylon and textiles that can be found in South America. The result is sturdy, stylish and sexy underwear that looks and fits perfectly on a man’s body.

And we are very pleased to introduce you their new collection “Arctic“. All of these fab undies have 100% woven nylon waistbands. They’re made of superior 78% polyamide microfiber and 22% Elastane with anti-odor 4-way stretch (!) to offer maximum comfort & support.

Have a look at what they have!

Their packaging has a very original design. It’s a small detail, but very well thought out. You’ll love it!

All this underwear you can find at our store. If you are our subscriber, don’t forget to use your fab points for a discount of up to -100% and you can also add your purchase to your next Gay Pack to save on the shipping cost.


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