How to stop smelly feet

Smelly feet aren't fun for anyone, so good personal hygiene and changing your shoes regularly should keep your feet fresh and sweet smelling.

Most people think they don’t need a foot spray and some might have never heard of it their entire life but here’s a little fun fact. The feet have sweat glands and these glands can produce at least a pint of sweat daily.

Why feet sweat?

The human feet have a lot of bacteria. These bacteria love water and sodium mixture and survive on dead skin cells as well as sweat. They are also partly responsible for the smell that makes your feet stink.

Sweat can be triggered by many factors such as the type of footwear or socks and the general health condition of our feet such as fungal infections.

But not to worry – in most cases of smelly feet can easily be improved with a simple cleaning routine and a foot spray which does not require consulting any professionals.

For that very same reason, we discovered the amazing foot spray from James + Jake!

Recommended by GQ Magazine in its Best Grooming Items of the Week, it contains a blend of natural eucalyptus to blitz nasty bacteria and mint for a fragrant, uplifting and cooling sensation. Free from unnecessary fragrance or artificial colours and packaged in a lightweight, shatter-proof and recyclable spray bottle.

Let’s be honest, having a minty fresh foot spray handy is always a quick and easy way to cover up nasty foot odours that can catch you off guard after after a gym or a big day at work.

Our team tested this product for two months (yes, one spray can be used for that long!) and to be honest, we loved the spray because it:

  • SO refreshes tired feet we get from walking around a lot in our underwear (hey, it’s our job!)
  • makes our feet smell gorgeous!
  • also makes them softer

As a bonus, one member of our team added that it is very enjoyable to use during a foot massage or to finish with it. Who gave the massage is still a question we ask from him every single day.

We have a great news, if you decide to get our Gay Pack then use the coupon code: FOOTSPRAY and we’ll add this product to your first order for free!


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