How to clean your body in just 30 seconds?

I'm just going to say it: When you've got approximately two hundred zillion things to check off of your to-do list in the course of a given day, personal hygiene can kinda, sorta take a backseat.

Whether you’re motoring from a workout class to a meeting and just can’t be bothered by the miles-long line for the bathroom, or you’ve gotta go straight from your desk to a date, taking the time for a full-blown shower isn’t always an option. And while I’ve certainly been guilty of running straight from an SLT class into my office smelling like hot garbage (…sorry, coworkers!), I recently discovered a product that fixed this stinky problem within 30 seconds flat.

I recommend you to try Anthony Shower Sheets. This product works great! I’m more than sure that you’ll love it. That’s why we decide to add it to our Out’n’Proud Gay Pack this month. If you are still not our client, hurry up and sign up today! Here you can see what you can get this month!

Now they’re permanent fixtures in my gym bag, desk drawer, and bag, and I love to use them to give myself a little once-over whenever needed.

So if a full shower just isn’t happening, these babies will get the job done (maybe almost too well?) in 30 seconds flat. Just don’t forget that eventually, you will need to wash your hair. I learned that one the hard way.


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