Fashion-waste-fighting underwear’s here and it looks great

Have you ever heard about underwear that’s good for you and the planet? Sounds pretty unusual? Is it possible? The answer is yes!

There are a growing number of ethical and eco-friendly clothing brands that respect both people and the planet. But sustainable underwear lines—especially ones that make us look and feel fantastic — rarely exist at all, especially if we are talking about men’s underwear.

The clothing industry, especially the fast fashion brands is one of the biggest producers of waste in the world as there’s simply too much leftover fabric that usually is thrown away.

Due to this, the Next Gay Thing team figured there has to be something that can be done. So, lots of blood, sweat and tears later, there’s now a solution – UPCYCLED.

“We came from the point of how could we reduce the footprint the sector has on the environment,” says Jarmo Siim, the Co-Founder & Head Designer of UPCYCLED. “Having been in the underwear fashion business for a decade, all suddenly made sense when we realised we could create fantastic underwear for men from leftover cloth. All without compromising on the quality nor feel and creating a truly sustainable model.”

The brand worked for over a year to make the idea happen and as a world first, has now launched their first collection of men’s underwear made of leftover fabric. All is produced as close to the source as possible to reduce its footprint even more and feature colours from the brightest to the more classic ones, from briefs to boxers and even jockstraps.

“While the specific leftover fabric will dictate the colours, we wanted it to be bold, look good, be comfortable & inclusive and look stylish all at the same time. I think we’ve achieved that.” Siim adds. “It also makes all our collections one-offs.”

Without further ado, here’s the very first men’s designer underwear collection that’s using leftover cloth from all over the world. Hope you’ll love it!

By the way, don’t forget to check UPCYCLED on Instagram.

This collection fits all types of bodies and they’re available from XS to XXL. By the way, the photos have been taken by regular people to reduce UPCYCLED’s footprint even more.

There are 12 different underwear options in different colours and styles, from briefs to jockstraps.

You can subscribe for a Gay Pack and you might get one of this pairs in your first box! Plus, if you decide to get our Gay Pack then use the coupon code: FREE-C-RING and we’ll add a set of thee C-rings to your first order for free if you choose 2+ pairs of underwear!


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