How can you try Myrrh?

If you are familiar with the story of Jesus' birth then you definitely at some point of your life wondered - what's Myrrh and what can you do with it? Well, we certainly did. And now we know how we can try it in the easiest way.

The earliest recorded evidence of the production of soap-like materials dates back to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. A formula for making soap was written on a Sumerian clay tablet around 2500 BC; the soap was produced by heating a mixture of oil and wood ash, the earliest recorded chemical reaction, and used for washing wool clothing.

Although the origin of soap dates back to Babylon (and now we have that song by Lady Gaga’s playing in our head) it was the Romans who made soap making a real craft. Later, thanks to the prestigious physician Galen of Pergamon, soap was recognised as having both medicinal and hygienic properties.

So, coming from that, if you got your Out’n’Proud pack, you can try out one of the most luxurious soaps of your life. The artesan soap by Ayuna, the flag bearer of eco-luxury cosmetics. With their notion of Less is Beauty, they’re really pushing the boundaries here with this soap.

The main ingredients are natural and the formula contains an exquisite blend of Mediterranean oils, selected as they are highly nutritious for the skin and rich in oleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. These substances are complemented by coconut oil to provide abundant lather and a sensation of softness.

But how does this relate to Myrrh? Well, its wonderful cleansing base is masterfully combined with the virtues of Gurjum, Rosewood, Myrrh (see!), Chamomile, Rosemary, and Buchu essential oils, selected according to their activity and scent to create Ayuna’s signature aromatic cocktail, designed to impact the skin-brain connection.

But what’s Myrrh? Well, it’s a gum-resin extracted from a number of small, thorny tree species. It’s been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and medicine. That explains the gift of the Three Wise Men too as well… of course you’d give perfume to the son of god, wouldn’t you?

Doesn’t that all sound exactly what you need at the moment?


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