A 5-step guide to clear your skin

Skin care is important. Period. Nobody likes a sudden acne breakout just before a big meeting or a date. But by adopting a terrific (but basic) skincare ritual, that happens to be just a 5-step guide and it can up your skin health considerably. You don’t need an arsenal of products or spend a bomb; just basic skincare picks that are suitable for your skin type.
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Here’s where you start:

Step 1: Cleanse

The first thing that every guy should do in the morning (after brushing, of course), is clean his face. But remember, just a few splashes of water will not be enough to remove all the dirt and excess oil, you’ll need something more. Instead of picking up a bath soap, invest in a face cleanser based on your skin type. For example we can recommend you the Face Wash from Hawkins & Brimble.


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Don’t forget to use it daily and remember to pat your face dry – never rub your face.

Step 2: Shaving Care

How you shave will define how your skin really feels. Razor burns can cause irritation and over time, even lead to an acne breakout. Use the razor carefully and glide it smoothly by using the right shaving cream/gel. For this we can recommend you to try super comfortable a fingertip shaver from EVO Shave! In addition, invest in a good post-shave balm (not any random moisturiser) to smooth your skin out and prevent any shaving-induced breakouts. Men too need exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells to keep their skin looking good.

Step 3: Exfoliate

First off, let’s establish: exfoliation is needed to get rid of dead skin cells regularly, to keep their skin in its best health. Start with exfoliating at least once a week and try to make it a ritual. Let’s make this easier for you. To begin with, keep every Sunday as your day for exfoliating your skin with a scrub, to open your pores and remove the trapped dirt and oil. And once you’re done exfoliating, hydrate your skin with a face mask. By doing this, you will not only get rid of the excess grime, dead skin skin cells, but also leave yourself with a healthier looking and clearer skin. Here you can find top 6 factors you need to know about sheet masks.

Step 4: Moisturise

Now that your skin is clean, it’s time to hydrate it with a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. Choose a gel-based moisturiser, that won’t make your skin feel greasy.

Step 5: Drink water

Hydrating your skin with a moisturiser isn’t enough, you need to keep your oral intake of water high too. Drink at least 2 litres of water through the day! For this you can use an amazing Bennkai collapsible water bottle.

This bottle fits everywhere it takes very little space compared to a regular water bottle. Which means that you can keep it anywhere and take it with you easily. Plus this is good for the environment! Drinking water will clean your skin cells from within, to give clear, flawless skin on the outside!

Final words: All said and done, it’s always best to consult a dermatologist too, in case you have any skin problems or irritation. An expert will give you the best advice!

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