6 Reasons Why Being Gay Is Awesome

Being gay is awesome, we all know it but how exactly? We've picked out the top reasons our subscribers have given us why they love being gay the most.

1. Gay relationships are solid gold

Gays can end up having better and longer relationships than heterosexuals.” writes Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D. for psychologytoday.com. “When asked about their love lives, gays were more likely to have long-term relationships. In fact, 59% had been in a stable, loving relationship for three or more years. They were very committed to their significant others and reported high levels of joy in their lives. The notion that all gays bounce from lover to lover is bunk. There are many, many committed gays who want nothing more than to live their lives and be with the love of their lives.

2. Pregnancy? Scare? Not really!

No unexpected babies in your future, no matter how much you’re doing it! Planned parenthood never sounded sweeter! You can have kids whenever you want and if you want them.

3. Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga sing to us

We know they’re the biggest divas and guess what? They love us too. They’ve even built their empires around us. We don’t mind, of course, and so we live in a happy gay bliss.

4. We can spot our kind in a crowd

Isn’t it fun to have superpowers and spot another gay guy in a crowd? Yes, gaydar is a real thing and we all got it. That’s why we always know beforehand which of the celebrities or your neighbours is gay. Or maybe it’s like Jack McFarland said: “There are no straight men, only men who haven’t met Jack.”


5. You can enjoy the world’s Biggest Gay Pack ever!

You can get the Biggest Gay Pack ever! We have created a Seasonal Gay Pack with 3, 6 or 9 pairs of designer underwear & 8x full-size grooming and lifestyle products. Our biggest pack ever! The average value of this pack is $530+ / £370+ / €430+ and you can check it here!

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6. We can have a party for 3 months

Yes, we have Gay Prides around the world from NY to Amsterdam. If you plan to visit Gay Pride in London or Amsterdam the you can find the Pride calendar for 2022 here!


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