5 things that you need for a Pride Parade 2022

Whether you're attending your first Pride Parade or marching in your 30th, there are some essentials you'll need in order to be prepared. Here are our tips!

Of course you’ll want to show your pride in rainbow-emblazed clothing and accessories, but you’ll also need some practical gear to be comfortable for hours on your feet out in the sun so you can focus on the festivities.

Pride parades generally happen in June (USA) and July-September (Europe). All of that usually means summer heat. Dressing for the weather is of utmost importance if you want to enjoy the festivities for hours.

Use sunscreen

Put on a layer of sunscreen before you leave and bring a bottle so you can reapply throughout the day. For extra protection you can bring along a hat and sunglasses. This is especially important if you’re wearing an outfit or costume that shows more skin than usual.

Take care of your face

We are sure you’ll meet a lot of your friends, and of course you want to look fresh and fabulous, use a great face cream. For example like this face cream from UN_DID.

You might get it in our PRIDE SURVIVAL KIT.

Also don’t forget to take extra care for your lips and use a lip balm to make your lips look nice and hydrated.

Accent your outfit with bright accessories

Complete your look with sunglasses, jewellery or brightly-coloured socks. You could even bring along a glittery bag or fanny pack to hold your gear in style. Here you can play with your outfit. You can make it crazy or relaxed as you want — it’s all about expressing yourself.

Head to other Pride events after the parade

While the parade is typically the main event of a city’s Pride celebrations, the festivities don’t end there. If you’re looking to celebrate before and after the parade, you can check out bars and nightclubs having Pride parties.

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Stay safe and respectful

Ignore protestors, or keep conversations short and polite. LGBT Pride events can attract protestors who don’t approve of the community or think that being LGBT is wrong. Don’t let protestors or anyone else —bother you or ruin your day.

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Pride calendar for 2022

2022 Los Angeles Pride Parade – June 11 – June 12
2022 Rome Pride Parade – Jun 6 – Jun 12
2022 Barcelona Pride Parade – Jun 18 – Jun 26
2022 Bristol Pride Parade – 25 Jun – 10 Jul
2022 Paris Pride Parade – 25 Jun
2022 Dublin Pride Parade – June 25
2022 San Francisco Pride Parade – June 26
2022 Chicago Pride Parade – June 26
2022 Madrid Pride Parade – July 1 – July 10
2022 London Pride Parade – 02 Jul
2022 Berlin Pride Parade – July 23
2022 Amsterdam Pride Parade – July 30 – August 7
2022 Manchester Pride Parade – August 26 – August 29
2022 Birmingham Pride Parade – September 24 – September 25

Here you can find more information about 2022 Pride Parades around the world

Hope our tips will help you to have a fun at your Pride!


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