4 ways to shake-up your underwear style

Fresh skivvies are a wonderful thing, but where’s the line between tasteful and wasteful?

We’ve talked about tips for men’s fashion, personality developing aspects and a lot more about underneath fashion & how things get better below the belt. During that course, I really though that I had covered the possible aspects of men’s fashion and specifically about men’s underwear. However, recently one of my friends tossed this question over to me that “how can one actually get rid of an old underwear style and have a new one?”

Tricky? Or easy?

Well, this definitely sounds quite an easy task but when it comes to implementing the same, things get difficult.

Why so?

Probably because you are too use to how they make you feel or the feeling of forgetting that you’re carrying something inside your pants. This feeling of comfort abstains you from checking out the possible options that keep on coming up. However, whatever it be, the old has to fade away and the new must step in.

For example, it was the tighty whiteys that men looked up to ages ago for their support. However, with time they realized boxer briefs were much better and comfortable. Likewise, there are various ways to put an end to an old apparel style with a new pair of fashion underwear.


Following are the ways to do so.

Spice up your conventional

We know how much you are in love with your fabric-loaded briefs or even sexy trunks. So, we would dare not try to tell you to get rid of the style and switch to a revealing pair of male thongs. However, we would lay down the category of sexy underwear for you, from where you could pick up something that can match your taste buds. Just see how far can you go with the skin exposure and choose accordingly. After all, there’s nothing wrong in opting for sheer panels in traditional pairs.

Switch from regular pouches to enhancing ones

For how long have you been wearing that jockstrap underwear or boxers?? Have you ever looked into the what the pouch offers to you? If not, you must take a look at the collection of enhancing apparel styles online. My favourites are the ones with an outlined piping underwear. They are a combination of visually appealing enhancement and comfort (if you buy the right size) to the male anatomy.

Find reasons to pep up your underneath fashion

Are you still stuck with the monochrome solids that were offered back in the 1940s? Psychologically, if you really want to have peace of mind, dressing well plays an important role. And, when it comes to dressing well, you cannot ignore your underneath fashion. With time, the industry has changed so much in terms of cuts, coverage, and designs. The range of designs available is not only just appealing but quite motivating as well. From the peppy floral prints to Aztec, geometrical, modern and a lot more, the collection serves something for your every mood.

Reveal just a little extra

Who said anything about being conventional and a lot of fabric? When you have briefs with a variety coverage options, why wouldn’t you go up a level and try men’s bikini underwear to flaunt your sexy legs? Likewise, if you are accustomed to bikinis, you go up a notch with jockstraps or even lace underwear to show off a little more.

If you desire to put an end to the oldies, these are the best ways to do the same. You can check our store or even better, you can tell us more about your underwear taste (create your taste profile here) and subscribe for your firs Gay Pack! And we’ll send you every mont a new pair of underwear.


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