Top tips for a more organised life

Modern life is complicated, and us gays are well-known for double-booking, forgetting things and being late. It’s hard-work being fabulous, right?

Ironically, technology like phones, apps and laptops can make it harder to organise your life – there’s so much going on and so much to potentially miss. If we take on too much, we can get in a mess and miss important things.

Luckily we’ve got some great tips for you to help organise your life.


Yes, they’re simple, but they’re effective. If you always forget to buy milk, put a post-it on the fridge that says, ‘buy milk.’ It sounds really silly, but there’s nothing quite like a big yellow (or pink, or blue or whatever) rectangle of colour to remind you to do something.

The hardest part is getting into the habit of doing it. It really helps. Especially if you keep forgetting to take the laundry out of the washing machine to hang up to dry – when you need that awesome shirt for your next hot date. Also, perhaps you’ll also have enough of your favourite undies freshly washed and ready to wear.

Less tabs the better

Tabs are not your friend. It’s so easy to go from Facebook to Ebay to NextGayThing to Gmail to something else, and then an hour has gone and you’ve not actually got anything done. If you need to write an important email, close the other tabs you don’t need and write that email. The internet will still be there when you’re done with emails, we promise… Well, unless that alien invasion happens next Tuesday.

Don’t be a yes person

Woah, that sounds negative, but it’s not. Hear us out for a moment. Many of us have a tendency to instantly say yes to things that sound fun. For example, your friend Johnny says:

“Hey, do you want to get drinks on Saturday?”

Of course, you reply…

“Yeah, that’d be awesome, we’ll definitely do that.”

But it’s Marco’s birthday and you’ve forgotten the date, so now you’re double-booked, and now you’re going to have to cancel on one of them. You might even not find out until that Saturday and then you’re going to have to be a major flake.

Ask your phone to set reminders

Just activate dictation and say “Remind me to call Granny tomorrow at 10am for your birthday.” Sure, you might remember, but maybe you won’t and then you’re a terrible person. Not really, you’re wonderful, we love you. And so will Granny if you call her more often.

Turn your phone off for a few hours

Yes that sounds totally contradictory to what we’ve just said before about reminders, but if you’ve got a ton of cleaning, housework, errands or your underwear drawer to sort out, turn your phone off for a few hours. You won’t get distracted by texts, Whatsapp, random notifications and scrolling through hot guys on Instagram.


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