Top 4 Men’s Underwear Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you ever put on a pair of underwear with the expectation of softness and comfort, only to be woefully disappointed? Have you ever had to resist the urge to perform an adjustment in a business setting due to your wildly unsupportive new briefs? We hear you. We are working only with the best underwear brands who have underwear that doesn’t only look good, but feels beyond amazing. In our quest for the perfect fit, we have discovered some mistakes that no self-respecting man should ever make.

1.The cheaper, the better

Many of our first-time customers are those poor souls who haven’t experienced the thrill of having quality underwear. Just a warning, once you go with any of our Gay Packs with underwear, you can never go back. Cheap underwear is going to deliver exactly what you paid for. Not only will it stretch out quickly, but it is also more likely to pill, bunch up, and tear. Why waste your money on an inferior product when you can invest in your own comfort? After all, you deserve it.

2. Mind your washing

Washing underwear in the washer must be with cool water. Heat can make the colour fade and elastic fabric to loosen. You do not want underwear straps that look like cooked bacon, do you? Extend the life and value of your underwear by following washing instructions or simply use your common sense when it comes to washing and drying using heat.

3. Do not re-wear unwashed undies!

This is plain unhygienic. Although you may claim that it is still clean, it actually isn’t. Remember your underwear is the first line of fabric that absorbs sweat, sods and bacteria. A single wear means it is already dirty, beyond what the eyes can see.

4. Oh yeah, Tighty Whities… You still buy ‘em?

It is still sexy in some levels but choose an alternative design. If you still prefer white underwear, choose from the wide range of new designs mixed with different materials. Keep it sexy-whity!

Avoid these underwear mistakes and get yourself another pair of hot underwear from our Gay Pack. Ready to chat? Our team is here to help.


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